Monday, August 27, 2012

New Routine

 Mia loves school. The evening of her first day I overheard her telling Ellie, "I can't wait until tomorrow, so I can go to school again.... I love school" 
This made me smile. I am a huge fan of Christian education. Huge fan.

 Nate and I recently had a discussion on whether we were a pie family or a cake family. And probably there are families that are neither and sad to say, we like pie and cake. But we lean more towards liking cake. And cake-y pies. 

 She was not sleeping here, but I could tell she was tired. Elizabeth goes to afternoon K. 
It is going to be rough on her. Up until this point she has needed a nap every day.

 Today was her first day. She says she did not learn anything. And yet she was telling stories that left me know that she did learn.  How to respond in a classroom. 

Stu stormed around after his sisters were off to school. Did not walk home from the bus stop very cheerful, and then insisted on playing with the light switches until I put him to bed.

There is a beautiful adoption story over at one of my favorite blogs.

My Mom said she's getting me a hydo flask for my birthday. Excited. Keeps water cold very long and it does not sweat.

One more thing, Love my Rubbermaid Reveal Mop. I hope it lasts longer than the Swiffer ones I had before. The mop head itself is larger. There are no batteries to go dead. The bottle is refillable. Exactly what I wanted. Nate found it at WalMart the last time my swiffer died.


  1. Love when you post. Mia-could so see her being a teacher one day! Ellie-love the close up. Tris keeps asking for a vacuum sealed thermos for coffee... maybe it could be for coffee or ice water.

    1. Yes, Angie says she has one for her coffee and one for water. If this is Dorcas, Mom is getting you one too. Bringing a pamphlet thing along to the cabin.

  2. I, too, enjoy your posts, Lydia JO! I have never heard of "afternoon kindergarten". My girls go to 1st grade and K-4, but Ashleigh's K-4 class is from 8am-12N. And I have a 2yo little boy who is a little lost without his sisters also. =]
    I didn't remember our children were so close in age!

  3. They just started making one with a coffee lid too...I ordered my second one too soon! Oh well the used to be water one works as well. will never regret getting it!!! They are the best.I will say it again!

    1. If you put water in your coffee one, do you find it tastes like coffee?

  4. Oh I love the pictures! You certainly are gifted! God bless you! My fave cake is chocolate with peanut butter icing!