Monday, June 16, 2014

Balloons and a Birthday

Meadville has a hot air balloon festival every year it is called the Thurston Classic. We headed out to watch the balloon race Friday night but they did not launch. Too windy perhaps? It was a gorgeous evening for a picnic just the same.
Saturday night was much better.

They didn't fly Peanut this year, but they did let everyone come down on the field to see it up close. Meanwhile they handed out business cards so you could have Peanut come to your birthday party. My children were sure they had been handed a ticket for a free ride. Ha.

 Father's Day

 How special to be with Tristan on his birthday. 

Doughnuts and the Zoo

 On our way to the Zoo in Erie we made a doughnut stop.

Obligatory picture to text your friends and raz them.  

Pittsburgh Children's Museum

 Road trip last weekend to see Nate's sister and family who live in Meadville, Pa.
We split the 5 hour trip with a stop in Pittsburgh. Children's Museum.

 Why did I never think of a separate brush for each color? Neat.

 Screen printing. Now I want to build one of these. Would be such a fun art project for school kids.

 Maze. The children could not really see where they were headed, parents were standing at the side giving directions. 

 The garage. I though Stuart would explode with happiness in here. Wheels, gears, pulleys, etc.

 3rd floor is called "Waterworks" Oh boy this was a water lovers dream.