Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blessed Springtime

 Ah sunshine and a cook out.

 These guys are neighbors to each other, and they are forever out puttering in their yards or gardens. Their back yards join our back yard. So we all keep an eye on each other.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

War, Church, and Trees

"It's Just War" - Should Christians Fight? Debate

Ohhhhh, this is a good one. Must share. How I do love the simplicity of the Anabaptist life. Take the Bible at it's word, believing that we are to live it out.

First Service in the new Building in Shenandoah. Yay!

Cutting down trees

Do tell, if you were planting trees... what are your favorite kinds?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Little Plastic Bead Disasters

Well, this was a cute sailboat. Stuart's. I totally ruined it while trying to iron it.  Anyone want to come and tell my son?  It's ok I all ready dropped that bomb.
 "Mom, how did you wreck up my sailboat?"

Mia's. This one I managed to get stuck to some fabric. Ok, so by now maybe you figured out that I lost the sweet little piece of paper that they send along with the kit. What to use? Well, I have one more lined up to try and I am thinking freezer paper. 

 Look, it's the Christmas Monkey!

 More lawn mower drama. Can't win! Nate was laughing and I was like it's not funny. But I had to admit to him later that I had to laugh about it too. Laugh so you don't cry kind of thing. The more gizmos you have the busier you are fixing stuff. Gah!

 I have decided I am ready to risk the ugly that might be under the carpet. What do you think? How bad is it going to be? Can it really be any worse than looking at the carpet. I think not.

 Cleaning day at the cabin. Must take a picture of this view every time I am here.
After Stuart was in bed the night before cleaning I realized my MIL could babysit after all. So the next morning when Stu woke up I told him that he can go along with me to the cabin or he can go to Grandma's house with Olive. He was quiet for a while and I forgot about it when he said, 
"Can I pick two?"

 Lori, you and your sisters made my day fun! Nothing like catching up with your childhood friends.

Oh Olive honey. You are are perfection.

"It hurts when I bless you."
Mia referring to coughing while she has a soar throat.