Wednesday, May 14, 2014

War, Church, and Trees

"It's Just War" - Should Christians Fight? Debate

Ohhhhh, this is a good one. Must share. How I do love the simplicity of the Anabaptist life. Take the Bible at it's word, believing that we are to live it out.

First Service in the new Building in Shenandoah. Yay!

Cutting down trees

Do tell, if you were planting trees... what are your favorite kinds?


  1. I saved the video to watch sometime. Thanks~

  2. Thank you for posting the link! I heard about the debate, but did not realize it was available online. As far as trees, my boys would say to have climbing trees, meaning some with low branches. I would love to have a property with fruit trees such as apple and pear. Also, flowering trees are awesome in springtime. - Carla

    1. Mia asked us to plant big trees, so that they could climb them. I felt bad, they had been climbing on some of the trees that we cut down. I saw some trees at a nursery that we drove past yesterday and I said something to Nate about them being so small and he just gave me the look.

  3. Could you give me details on how your church ladies "did" the "Cooking Show"? You can email me at
    Thanks! Crystal Moyer - (Carissa's mom)