Friday, September 19, 2014

Youth and Stuff

 A new 24x36 engineer print from staples. 

It was between these two. The guy at Staples did not let me down. All excited about it. Ha. 
They get a kick out of a print like this vs the normal blueprint that comes out of the printer. $3.80 and if you put it behind some glass it really pops. 

 I need more fresh flowers. I have been kicking myself all summer for never planting my zinnia seeds. 

 At the cabin with the youth group. 

 Jeremy and Nate, just around the corner. 

 I love to make the guys cook. 
They will drain it better next time! 

Fishing at the Cabin

 How cute is this little set up we stumbled upon. 
Who built this? 

 The most avid fishermen. Rain most of the day Saturday.
This did not keep Matthew from fishing before breakfast and in the rain. Stuart stayed with him so Nate went to rescue them with the 4 wheeler. He said that when he found them thy still had all of their lines in. Fishing in the downpour.

We were at the cabin the weekend before with our youth group. We made low country boil for them. Having never done this before, the guys did not drain the cooker off very carefully and there was water everywhere. This happened outside thankfully. So this time... the water was drained off perfectly and we had it indoors.