Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nate's Birthday

 Sometimes I dread birthdays. 
I had to take Olive back to the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday and we are cast/ split free. Walked back into the house and hit a heat wave. The thermostat was set at like 80 something. (I imagine Olive bumped it up)  I was wishing to share the warmth, bottle it up for later. I finally caved and opened the door. So this kitchen mess you see here happened at warm temps and it was like I was working in an old peoples home.

I stopped at a bunch of places while I was out with Olive. Coffee shop, Seafood place, Butcher, and the Doctor. Usually it is just some big burly men at the butcher shop, not overly friendly but you know, good at what they do. Well yesterday there was a super friendly lady there who acted like we were best friends. As I tried to explain this to Nate I realized that I wasn't even sure if that was the lady I was thinking about because at each stop there was a lady like that. It would go through me, "do I know her?" Hey, maybe everyone was glad to be out after the snow storm? Not sure but it made for a fun day of errands. 

 He does not like when I brag on him, but he is wonderful. 

 Henry. He started sitting up on his own. He gets around a little but he did not take off with crawling yet. He is one week shy of 8 months old. 

 I had to lay him back down twice last night. It was the fist time I found him sitting up in his bed.

Mom brought her friends over to go sledding. We dug out all of the snow pants. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowstorm Jonas

 What a lovely snowstorm.

 Olive did not really enjoy it on Saturday while it was still snowing. 
Sunday was better. Hard to keep her inside. 

 Lord, may this be the year of the donuts? I prayed. 
 Getting closer to the hard to attain quality of my Mother in Law's donuts. 
Her recipe does not include the exact amount of flour. Tricky.

I had a furnace guy at my house today and he was here for a very long time. I told him I was going to have to leave in a bit and he said, "Let me know before you go." I ended up leaving 3 times in a stretch of that many hours and he knew every time that I was heading out again.
The snowstorm might have me spoiled, give me a day of peace at home sometimes soon. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Olive's Elbow

 Olive has a possible fracture in her elbow. She had a splint, cast, and she is in a splint again. It's not slowing her down much. 
An older sibling was swinging her by her arms. 

 Mia has been teaching herself ukulele. Also Pig Latin. We the ukulele for her for Christmas. I was so nervous that it would be a dud gift. It was not on her radar at all. Perhaps I was worried because I tried to play it when she was in school one day and I could not even get it tuned. Nate was able to help her out Christmas morning and she was soon playing/singing You are My Sunshine