Thursday, February 25, 2016

Days at Home

 I looked out the window and saw her majesty waiting for her dinner. Ran for the camera instead of dinner. 

This face made me run for the camera again. 

Yesterday we caught Henry standing up in his crib. He reminds me of Mia. She was taking steps before she was one.

In the bottom of my box of sweet potatoes I have all these little ones that are a pain to do anything with. Until sweet potato hash! What you are looking at there is white and purple sweet potatoes, shredded with skins on, fresh mushrooms, and onion sauteed in coconut oil. With two dippy eggs on top I call this lunch.

Promo at Sam's Club "order a free mini photo book" fun right. Ha ha, the book is so tiny! I stuck it in my diaper bag so I can show the pictures to my Grandparents next time we get in to visit them and I have not seen it since.

Some other things I'm loving:

Coconut oil in my coffee. 

1 pack Stevia
2-3tsp coconut oil
2 T half and half
blend it up, this makes it frothy and the oil vanishes.
I love the coconut flavor and this is getting pretty close to a latte.

Texture App

For 9.99 a month you can read all the magazines on your ipad/phone. I used the free trial and loved it. Not planning to sign up but I've got it in the back of my mind for the next time I'm tempted to pick up a magazine I could come home and for 9.99 that month I could read, all the magazines. 
Nice part about the free trial... it did not ask for a credit card so I didn't have to worry about it charging me at the end of two weeks. 

Home Joys Sunday Lunch Ideas

Gina at Home Joys has a post asking for Sunday Lunch ideas. There are 41 comments full of peoples ideas.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Most Days are Calm

Pretty winter skies.

Nate had hernia surgery. We are happy to have one week of recovery in. He is doing really well. I wish he would take it a little bit easier sometimes.

I showed up at the hospital loaded with a notebook and my Bible all ready for some serious quiet time. The waiting room was just too loud with Good Morning America. Shucks.
About the time Nate was out of surgery I bumped into Nate's uncle in the hallway. Turns out his aunt was was having hernia surgery by the same doctor directly following Nate's surgery. Huh. I was fully expecting to see this aunt emerge from recovery about the time Nate had to take a walk in his hospital gown but it was not to be.

This girl caused a flood in the laundry the other night. I only realized she was not with the other children in the basement when I heard her crying from the laundry bathroom. Crying because her feet were cold from being in the cold water too long.

Little Hankster

8 months. Just started crawling. Pulling himself up at the sofa and falling over. Brush burned his nose.  Holds his own bottle. Content. He is really loving his pacifier again. It's kind of a pain and I wonder if I should take it from him.

Most days are calm although I've had a few where I find myself rushing around like a mad person trying to make it from one appointment to the next. This mornings drama included the smoke detectors going off for no apparent reason. This caused my heart to pound as I ran into each room of the entire house looking for a fire, while this was going on I called the electrician and told him that if the house ever starts on fire he can comfort himself by knowing that the first thing I will do is call him.

Have you seen Farmgirl flowers? Swooning over these bouquets. Looks to me like order from them and you can't go wrong. I don't want to hurt the average flower shops feelings, but.... these are way better!