Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty Spring Things

You must enter Jenny's new giveaway.  I want to see someone that I know wearing this pretty yellow scarf!

Go here to enter.

Photo from Jenny

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Me Again Margaret

Someone in a yellow shirt pushed someone else after church last night.  Ouch.

"Your Dad is bringing home a surprise today" I told them, "What do you think it is?" Mia thought perhaps donuts?

my favorite neice

She did not like my camera.

Mia opening her gift from Aunt Carla

I've all ready got Lizzy working in my flower beds.  Actually this flower bed is going to go.

What would you serve with these?
First thing that comes to your mind.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This morning when I should have been at the grocery store I was sewing a dress for Ellie to match Mia's birthday dress.  (If I don't sew one for Ellie right away, it never gets done and she ends up w/ fewer dresses by Mom, poor second child) Then, when Mia saw Ellie's dress that was almost like hers she noticed that Ellie's had pockets and said, "Why doesn't mine have pockets?" So when I should have been eating lunch with my darlings I was sewing pockets on Mia's birthday dress.  Finish pockets, pick up many many noodles off of kitchen floor and baby, out the door to the bus stop.  Lighting is all wrong for a few pics of Mia. Bus comes, then we go to the grocery store.  Meet an old long lost friend and we catch up in the aisle for a few minutes and I wonder why I didn't do a better job of keeping contact w/ long lost friends, pick out $10 dollars worth of gummies, black licorice, jelly beans, etc. to decorate Mia's cake with.  Realize on the way home that buying a cake would not have cost anymore than all that candy did. Put Lizzy and Stu Bops to bed, hope that one hour is enough for them (it is not).  Put one candy from each container onto Mia's cake.  Wonder how they got the licorice to stick to the coconut in the picture that I'm looking at? Now, wrap Mia's gifts. The wrapping paper just so holds out. Ah! Half and hour goes by and Ellie is still not sleeping. Load cupcakes and stuff in van for Mia' class.  Wonder if I could make it to her school faster than I think? Would be nice to let them sleep longer. Now we are up to present time.  I am not sure how much birthday I can handle.  And I'm not even throwing a party. Although she has invited various people to "her party".  One more thing before I'm outta here... if she asked you if you got her a birthday present or card? I'm so sorry.  We're working on it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentines 2011

 Sorting through some January photos. Came across these. 
I was at the dentist today and I'm still upset about it. 
They were not happy with me for waiting so long between visits. 

PS- I just have to tell you this yet, about Valentines 2011.  Nate slept with his socks on.  It was worse than that: socks, pants, shirt. He was so feverish he totally fell asleep fully clothed. Glad we had planned to hang out here w/ the girls and Stuboppers. I made this really fun meal and then I never cooked again for a week. Oh may next years Valentines be better!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Product Review Included

 Up and down he goes. Our Stueybops.

I made a mistake a few months ago and ordered 3 Blurb Vouchers.  The mistake was I did not read the fine print.  I could only use one at a time.  So while I thought My 2010 book was all paid for, I actually was about to get two more books ready to print.  And fast! So this forced me to put all those pictures from 3 years in Grenada in a book.  It's not fancy and I should go through it and jot stuff down.  But it feels so good to have them printed. 

Yay for the self timer! Mia needed a photo of her family reading a book together for school.

Do you remember my butter bell?  Given as a gift from my cousin's wife Vicky.  Love her. Anyhow... we LOVE our butter bell.  Nate gets so upset when I forget to restock it.  Soft butter.  Always fresh.  What did we do without it?  (used margarine)

Next  up.  Swiffer

Nate's Mom, I need to do a whole post on the fun things she does for us.  She gave us a Swiffer wet mop for Christmas two years ago.  Along with tons of refills.  So I was enjoying it until one day I was researching laminate flooring and came across an article that mentioned Swiffers and how they just smear a floor instead of clean it.  After that fateful information I felt exactly the same way about it.  But then! I cut a hole in the top of my refill thing and started filling it with water and white vinegar.  I'm a fan. And I know that if you really want to get frugal, you can make your own reusable pads for the bottom.  So, you still can't beat getting down on your hands and knees once in a while. But this gets me through many days.