Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This morning when I should have been at the grocery store I was sewing a dress for Ellie to match Mia's birthday dress.  (If I don't sew one for Ellie right away, it never gets done and she ends up w/ fewer dresses by Mom, poor second child) Then, when Mia saw Ellie's dress that was almost like hers she noticed that Ellie's had pockets and said, "Why doesn't mine have pockets?" So when I should have been eating lunch with my darlings I was sewing pockets on Mia's birthday dress.  Finish pockets, pick up many many noodles off of kitchen floor and baby, out the door to the bus stop.  Lighting is all wrong for a few pics of Mia. Bus comes, then we go to the grocery store.  Meet an old long lost friend and we catch up in the aisle for a few minutes and I wonder why I didn't do a better job of keeping contact w/ long lost friends, pick out $10 dollars worth of gummies, black licorice, jelly beans, etc. to decorate Mia's cake with.  Realize on the way home that buying a cake would not have cost anymore than all that candy did. Put Lizzy and Stu Bops to bed, hope that one hour is enough for them (it is not).  Put one candy from each container onto Mia's cake.  Wonder how they got the licorice to stick to the coconut in the picture that I'm looking at? Now, wrap Mia's gifts. The wrapping paper just so holds out. Ah! Half and hour goes by and Ellie is still not sleeping. Load cupcakes and stuff in van for Mia' class.  Wonder if I could make it to her school faster than I think? Would be nice to let them sleep longer. Now we are up to present time.  I am not sure how much birthday I can handle.  And I'm not even throwing a party. Although she has invited various people to "her party".  One more thing before I'm outta here... if she asked you if you got her a birthday present or card? I'm so sorry.  We're working on it.


  1. dear jo , kevin could have took the girls :) on rainy days !!!!!!
    I wud have loved to keep stu bop too :) !!!!!!!!! Practicing for a boy is
    not a bad idea ! Hope Mia has a great b-day !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sound stressed..what we do for our kiddos! :) Tina H.

  3. I like reading your updates :)
    You are a dedicated, hardworking mom who loves her kids!

  4. OK, so now who can we call "beardy". :) dz