Friday, March 8, 2019

Hello There


afternoon blues


last time to have story hour with Mrs. Sandoe

Stuart got glasses
my children bear the pain of having their Mother pick out their glasses

Nate has another birthday

Nate's Mom has us for his birthday

Mia trying to pick up guitar

Youth group had a fundraiser

visiting Nate's Aunt Ruth. She had heart surgery and a stroke

Sad day when you realize you have been drinking half caff and you don't know how that happened. I remember buying this can of coffee and making sure it was not decaff. 

made cookies for valentines
this might have happened on a snow day? 

oh hello there, at the bottom of a kitchen drawer

Hello again

Made lots of lasagna

Nate and I disagree on whether or not this little car is cute
we see it around town

Nate gets to be one of the youngest patients at the Retina specialist
Choroidal neovascularization

I went along as his driver and then he didn't let me drive. He did eventually as the numbing drops wore off.

packing for the cabin means lots of boots this time of year

My parents favorite coffee mugs.

This cabin weekend was spent with chorus kids. Fun!! 
We are giving one more program this weekend and then Nate will put away his choir director gear.

Here they actually played together without fighting for about 20 minutes

Olive in a "Claire" store at the mall. She thought it was Heaven

Playing games with the older kids is fun if we can keep the younger two busy

Made 3 batches of rice krispies and they all got too hard
first time I struggled so. (I think I overheated the marshmallows)
Of course I was on to take a double batch to the cabin and had to try again. Second try still resulted in less than perfect. Oh my word... what is going on. So yesterday per Nate's request I made yet another batch and it got perfect. Crying for joy. Moral of the story... do not assume that making something as easy as rice krispie treats works the same every time. Also, we still have some rock hard treats if anyone is missing that crumbly painful sensation in their mouth.

I ordered Olive these sneakers online. I thought they were black and grey and we would pass them right on to Hank when Olive outgrew them. The sparkles were a surprise and Olive was tickled.

Stuart's rash last weekend. I figure it was 5ths disease? Not sure. 

Tried the new Plaza Azteca in town
So I ordered my meal and the waiter wondered if we wanted beans or rice or beans and rice? 
I asked him to repeat this 2x and finally said I'll take the rice and beans. Nate said the same and this is what came out. Two extra rice and one plate of beans??? No idea. It tickled me so badly. I could not stop laughing. Food was great. 

Cute little children at sewing circle, exploring in the sanctuary where some renovations are being done.

Nate takes the dogs sledding

Mom and I took off for Philly yesterday to see Ted and the flower show. We picked him up at school and he took us out for Ramen.