Thursday, September 29, 2016

Too Much of Everything

Hank had a terrible something on his toe which required a bandage and I had to either wear tights on him or shoes to keep him from picking the gauze off. He didn't mind it.
Still don't know what happened to him but it did require antibiotic so an infection of some sort. ew. 

I got attacked by a Doberman Pinscher while on a bike ride. I was pulling Henry in the cart and was going to bike for 30 min and then meet the rest of the family at the park. On my favorite street just over the bridge just past the mill this huge dog came after me, his owner was chasing him and yelling and I was screaming and the man on the lawnmower stopped and yelled too. Details are sketchy but I ran into it with my front tire and hopped back on as fast as possible and biked off also as fast as possible, all the while the poor dog owners kept apologizing. I pretty much ignored them. Then I texted Nate:

I could still hardly talk by the time I made it to the park. That night before bed I looked up Doberman's and it says, "The muzzle is long, and so affords the leverage for an extremely strong bite" good one Jo. 

Next morning I get up early to go swim laps and I'm thinking this is going to be relaxing and de-stressing after the night before (I had dreamed about bears chasing me) but then the pool room was 115 degrees. So that was kind of stressful to figure out what to do how to cool the room down and not drown from heat exhaustion etc. Ha. I've been there since and it almost felt cold at 80 degrees. 

Saturday we were fortunate enough to go out to eat with friends. Every time we do this someone says we need to do it more often but then it still goes a year. We had a great time but you should watch the video of Nate and our dinner rolls. You probably all ready did. 

The girls started violin lessons this week. Oh man, it's only been one day of practice but I'm looking forward to sending them to the shed to practice. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Things We Do

On buying men's shirts.

It's been a while since I went after the real deal. I had just been picking up shirts here in there for Nate that had a general size. However this particular mission I was on required me to find a neck size a sleeve length size. The shirt needed to be no iron. Athletic fit. When I finally found a shirt like this it had no pocket. I had promised Nate that it would have a pocket so that he would know where to put his pitch pipe. It was probably a miracle that I did find this exact shirt that I needed. It would be nice to have two for chorus tour and wouldn't you know the shirts were buy one get one for a dollar. There was not a second one to be seen. So I bought a second one that was a close fit but it wasn't quite right and I  hunted one down and drove 45 minutes to get it, I didn't mind the excuse to get to Park city though. So I think we've done it I think Nate is fully outfitted for this chorus season. I did have to return one pack of black socks one pair of black pants and 3 white shirts. Thankfully I ran into the nicest people at the customer service desk's and also I didn't have to drag him along to the store! If I get out in a date night the last thing I want to do is be stuck by the dressing room. 

Equipper's Institute.

Last Saturday we attended a Seminar put on by Keystone. The main speaker with 2 sermons was I can't think of his name (Frank Reed) but he is rather old and he loves Anabaptist history. Thinking.... I almost have it. I can picture him! ah. He was great and made the day totally worth it.

Nate took a class on Moral Purity and I think it was in this class that the speaker addressed talking to your children on a regular basis about the dangers of s**ual predators including their friends and family... I'm not sure if that is the term he used but I think he stressed keeping this communication open with your kids. What a good reminder.

I took a bunch of classes on being a Mom and one was on kindness, delightful! ( Although this lady seemed to recommend giving other people the right away at a 4 way stop as a kind gesture.  To be honest I don't really like when people do that. If they would just go when it's their turn it would speed things along for everyone. Just my opinion. Merging traffic yes. Four way stops? No.)

I ordered Piper the dog a pink collar because we were starting to get the dogs mixed up. If you see Olive barefooted this fall it's because Piper chewed up all of her shoes! We are ready for her to be more calm like Harley. 
Harley (and Nate) are expecting puppies in October so if anyone wants a pretty red lab pup for Christmas let us know. 

East end days tractor pull. I might have to get Nate some suspenders and a lawnmower. (You thought I was going to say pipe) 

Singing for their Great Grandma. 

Stuart got stung by a swarm of yellow jackets on Labor Day. One went in his ear. Poor guy! The next morning he woke up and looked like so. I was so surprised to hear him say that he didn't want to go to school. Then I saw his face. Once I told him that he could go I thought he seemed relieved.

Nate spraying the still angry wasps. 

$.50 frostys at Wendy's. Cooler temps have us cruisin in the wagon again.

Funny Story you should read on Cup of Jo. 

Iceland is on my bucket list. I feel like it's on everyone else's too (because look Scott Kelby went) but then when I tell people it seems like it might be an odd place.
Look at pictures from Iceland!   Edited to add:(it was even on my bucket list before Hans Mast went)

Margo's Tomato Pie that she makes in the crock pot looks so good but I hate to think of making this for myself only so I had a grilled cheese with tomato and basil yesterday instead. I love the name Margo. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

School Starts

Stuart is super excited about school. The girls both went to Public Kindergarten and he did not so he was big time ready to go.
The first day was not without drama. One of them had squeaky sneakers. One was asking for new ones, and Stuart had a burn on his arm that was oozing... for some reason this happened on Sunday and I had not heard about it. Ah! We made it though.

 I sure miss him when the dogs are out of water or there are scraps to run out to the field. 

 I don't think Mia wore that dress since the first day. She has about 5 school dresses.... and she just loves the t shirt knit ones the best. 


 DQ cake. Nate does not admit to picking them out with the kids in mind he truly feels like penguins that are having a good time make for the best cake decorations. Then when he bought it he heard two employees whispering about it as if they were in a competition to see whose cake designs would go first. So yeah, he is sure he picked out the best cake. 

 I pulled a hamstring this week which I totally blame on not warming up before doing my exercising. Nate kept laughing at me, oh he pitied me too, but he could not help but laugh and use all the terms, "so, you blew a tire?" "you pulled a hammy" etc. as I shuffled around. 

We've been spending a lot of time with chorus this summer. 
Nate's been directing.  Just about ready to give programs. 

 I only spent about 1/2 hr trying to get my desktop back to the way it used to be this morning. I blame Hank. 

 Only on my birthday can I drag this man to Rachel's Creperie.
He didn't complain too bad since we went to Primo's first. 

 Fun wedding. Zach and Ruth Ann. Sadly I don't have a picture of the bride and groom. I took a bunch but had to hand them over to the head photographer.