Friday, September 2, 2016

School Starts

Stuart is super excited about school. The girls both went to Public Kindergarten and he did not so he was big time ready to go.
The first day was not without drama. One of them had squeaky sneakers. One was asking for new ones, and Stuart had a burn on his arm that was oozing... for some reason this happened on Sunday and I had not heard about it. Ah! We made it though.

 I sure miss him when the dogs are out of water or there are scraps to run out to the field. 

 I don't think Mia wore that dress since the first day. She has about 5 school dresses.... and she just loves the t shirt knit ones the best. 


 DQ cake. Nate does not admit to picking them out with the kids in mind he truly feels like penguins that are having a good time make for the best cake decorations. Then when he bought it he heard two employees whispering about it as if they were in a competition to see whose cake designs would go first. So yeah, he is sure he picked out the best cake. 

 I pulled a hamstring this week which I totally blame on not warming up before doing my exercising. Nate kept laughing at me, oh he pitied me too, but he could not help but laugh and use all the terms, "so, you blew a tire?" "you pulled a hammy" etc. as I shuffled around. 

We've been spending a lot of time with chorus this summer. 
Nate's been directing.  Just about ready to give programs. 

 I only spent about 1/2 hr trying to get my desktop back to the way it used to be this morning. I blame Hank. 

 Only on my birthday can I drag this man to Rachel's Creperie.
He didn't complain too bad since we went to Primo's first. 

 Fun wedding. Zach and Ruth Ann. Sadly I don't have a picture of the bride and groom. I took a bunch but had to hand them over to the head photographer.


  1. You're children are extraordinarily beautiful. I always loooove your pictures and the happiness that they speak to me. We should Skype again sometime. :)