Friday, September 28, 2018

Back to School 2018

School didn't start until September 10th this year.  Our school did a large building project and we will have a short summer next year.

 Picture day was yesterday. A frantic morning. I forgot I had the garment steamer on and it set off the smoke detectors (glad to know they are working). Picked up the school van at the shop where the starter was getting fixed. Came home loaded up the children, "I said get in the van, why are you not in the van?" conversations. Picked up for the first family, drove past the new family. No place to turn a maxi van around. Picked up the next guy back the the one I missed. Good times.

The day after vacation

 Harley takes my spot when she can. I can't tell if she is all about the softer seats or if she just wants us to know that she is important.

I bought Olive two dresses at the thrift store.
This one was for her dress up clothing stash. That night I heard "Mom, can I wear my new dress tonight" I said yes.  She meant this one. She wore it to church that night.
Henry being at my Mom's shop at Kitchen Kettle Village

 Hank's first run on the peddle tractors at Eblings.

 Chorus programs are in full swing. I love to see them hanging out. All of the dreadful practices where they barely know each other and then you get this. Makes it worth it.
My friend Gina stopped in to visit one day.

Practicing sitting (kneeling for prayer here) in church

I had myself totally psyched out about personalizing the plaques at work. It went ok then.

Who taught Henry to do this? 

Duck Donuts in Hershey

Dairy Queen East in Lebanon has had impressive service all of my life. They must be under new management it has gone down hill.

Day Tour

We sang at Lakeside in Howard Sunday night.

They fed us before and sent us home with the leftovers.
Took great care of us.

I overheard Karl's wife ask him, "Karl, do you have a marker?" she was wanting to put peoples names on their plastic cups. Karl did not have a marker. 

we took a walk to the lake. The mosquitoes were something.

I drove the school van Monday and then the starter went out. 

I have helped Nate tow 3 things to the garage recently. Thankful that it's close.

Olive had a cleaning at my dentist. Did not go well. Off to a dentist that offers laughing gas. She was nervous but did great.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Kitty Hawk OBX

Family vacation started late this year. When we heard that school was starting way late this year, we booked a house in Kitty Hawk. Right on the beach... it was just the beginning of off season.  
We left two days late to hang around for my Aunt Janie's funeral. 

 Bay Bridge Tunnel

We made good time, only stopped once. 

Sand Dunes 

Jockey's Ridge State Park

Mia found a wheel bug and was checking it out when she started screaming. I thought she got stung by the bug but no, she and by this time Henry as well, had got in some barbs, stickers, not sure. It was dramatic.  

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Henry was the only one that was too short to climb the lighthouse. 
Olive chickened out part way up. 
Stuart never attempted it. 

Something new for this year, we left the kids at home twice and went out for a late supper. 

I wouldn't pity them... they were well taken care of. 
Duck Donuts 

He looked scared. All we heard the rest of the day was his monster truck sound which was new and improved after this excursion. 

One morning I got up in time to watch the sunrise. I told Nate later, I had not idea it was going to make me cry. It was so beautiful.  Part of my problem was that we had just sung the song Sunrise at my cousin's baby's funeral.  

You can imagine a fine coating of sand over the entire floor. Also know that every single mattress was rock hard and miserable. Otherwise, I loved this charming old house. 

I believe 3 of these along with 2 pair of goggles are at the bottom of the deep.