Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here Comes the Sun

She requested a typewriter (her Grandma has a very old antique on that they play on... not that this one isn't old but this one does have an electrical cord) or a basketball net. I was scratching my head. Nate wasn't too excited about a basket ball net in March and I was like, "How does a typewriter apply to her life?"  After asking for some suggestions on Instagram, I received some wonderful ideas... like a beta fish, personal space... like a desk, sewing lessons,  typewriter was mentioned as well. I was like, I'm going for it, it must not be crazy. So those facebook yardsales came through for me, some lady was just looking to get rid of her typewriter the way I'm looking to get rid of my husbands baseball card collection. 
And I'm sorry but Nate and I just laughed later about the look of pure envy on the other children's faces as she unwrapped her 20 year old typewriter. I believe they think it came from Target. 

What amazes me about Mia is that she is not a perfectionist. I don't think she ever was.
Her care free spirit enables her to be gifted in so many areas because she is not frustrated by the imperfections. She just rolls with it. 


  1. Aww! My daughter Lacee will love this...she went to camp with Mia & has since learned to play the uke as well! Jeanie

  2. Love! Beautiful. . . the song, and the girl!

  3. The cutest "Beatle" ever!! Good job