Friday, May 29, 2015


Waiting on the birth of a baby really is something. You think about it when you drift off to sleep that you might not get to sleep the night through. You think of it in the morning, looking out the window at a new day. The anticipation of both pain and joy. The pain causing some dread.
My due date was Memorial Day. Stuart came bounding up the stairs very excited that morning, "Today is when the baby comes!" he cheered. Oh, dear boy.

Monday, May 18, 2015

When the Pasture Burned

There is a pasture behind our house. It is not ours. One night last week Nate and I were hanging out after the kids were in bed. When out of the darkness some guy we never saw before was knocking on our door. Nate says, "Who is it?" and I reply, "Some old guy." I am so kind. 

He wonders if we know that our pasture is on fire which we did not. I guess it looks like it is our pasture. Or maybe he sees us throwing our watermelon rinds into it? So Nate and he are out inspecting the blaze, I followed at a distance to make sure he was not a murderer of some sort. There really was a fire and it was so windy. The garden hose was not going to cut it. 
Nate says the firemen went leaping over the fence. We felt kind of bad for them that it was put out so quickly. The children were upset the next morning that we did not get them up, the last thing I need is them having nightmares from waking up to flashing lights. I was glad they slept through it. 
I was also glad that the fire department came and I did not have to haul buckets of water and feel like Ma Ingalls because just a few short weeks before, that did happen. 
I guess I could title this post, "We Need Rain." 

Clear Springs in the Spring

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sharon's Horse Rides

We borrowed a dog crate from my cousin Sharon and it was time to return it. 

the wagons

 week old palomino
Sharon has loved horses for as long as I can remember. She desperately tried to pass that on to me as a child, I remember her talking about palominos and other kinds of horses. Then she'd take me out to our heifer barn and we'd try to ride the heifers as if they were horses. My dad did not appreciate this. 

Mother's Day. Blurry but everyone is happy. 

Ellie looking flustered because the dog had just showed her some love.