Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ellie is Nine

Happy birthday Ellie. You who's birthday comes in the busiest month of the year. At least I usually find August to be that way.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Quickly Before School Starts

 Right before 100 people showed up we had a storm blow through that picked up 4 pop up tents. Thankfully no one got hurt. Ellie and Olive were outside when it happened and Ellie said one almost hit Olive. 
Grenada Reunion

 The morning that I could not find Olive

 Biking back from the swimming hole at the cabin with the Martin's. 

 It's so special to all be together. 

 Making sure we don't get to the neighbor lady's birthday party too early. 

 89 years 

Nate got a break in his work schedule so we did a quick family vacation to Southampton NY. For something different this time we were able to plan ahead by a few weeks. Found a house that had a pool and was also close to the beach. This worked well for the age of our kids, we dream of touring the New England states and more road trip types of vacations but didn't think it seemed like the right fit for our family. Stuart is pretty happy to be at the destination, this is his excited face.  

Travelling with a two year old who has just been potty trained. 

The details for the free shuttle to the beach were very sketchy. We asked people around town and they were like, "the little electric cars? yeah they drive around all day but you might be a little early" so we are sitting here right on the street of this swanky little town at quarter till 10 hoping for a ride to the beach. Boogie boards and all. I was the shuttle researcher so I was praying it would show up sooner rather than later. We waited less than 30 min so it was not too bad. I was so relieved when it showed up in the morning.

Two days later we were on this same street on a similar bench eating our $5 Sundays feeling like we were just off the farm... I think Nate had ice cream in his beard and Olive was bouncing around and there was just ice cream everywhere when a Maserati pulls up and parks right beside us.  It has the top down and red leather seats, the lady's daughter opens the door onto the curb where it scrapes and Nate and I audibly gasp because we saw it happening and the Mom says a four letter word that could have been worse.

 It costs $40 per day to park at Cooper's Beach, why we opted for the free shuttle. 

I wish I would have been holding Olive because I might have realized that she was running a fever. It's kind of hard to tell when you are on the beach that a kid is warm. She told me at one point that she is cold and I told her to go sit in the shade. Sorry Olive. 

Montauk Point

The worst mini golf ever. Nate knew it would be bad thanks to reading the reviews on it. He kept laughing at me every time my ball rolled off the green. Olive ran around like a crazy person hugging all of the animals and we laughed at her and did not keep score.  

 First experience with AirB&B was a good one.

 Stuart's eyes are glued to the window on the way home. Driving through NYC. Long Island is a pain to get to. 

 We drove straight to Grandma's house to do supper and mini golf with the family.