Friday, August 30, 2013

Keep Clear of the Skyjack

The other day Nate came home and I called him "Spikey" his hair was standing on end. He looked sheepish and admitted that he got shocked at work. Not sure if that was really why his hair was on end or not, but it was funny.

 Stuart at Mark's Exxon. It's just Stuey and I these days while the girls are at school.

 Burp Cloths, I went a little crazy. I think I sewed 20.

 After bribes with jelly beans Stu is finally learning to put his own pants back on after a bathroom break. 

 Visiting at a nursing home. Ellie was nervous. Stuart has his tractor.

 Aunt Sheri and baby Monique 

 My electrician the carpenter these days.

 Grandpa Amos turns 85. Have you tried buying birthday cards for "older men" it is not easy. 

 He was worried that someone would pull his ears, so....

Some in laws talking about the weather. I have no idea what they were talking about. Maybe hunting.

7 Church Street in Bloomfield, N. J. - 
The Svenson (Hollister) Family lived here from 1948-1973.

Mia has been reading tons of Happy Hollister books lately. The last bunch that I got for her smell very musty and I asked her how she can read them. She said she breaths through her mouth.

Here We Go! Another Year of School.

I love school. I loved teaching it and I love sending my children off to it.
While it's not true in every case, I feel like most children need school. They learn to respect other adults.  We (Nater and I) believe our children need the influence from other Christian adults as this should give them a more balanced outlook on life. We feel inadiquit to do this on our own. While there may be will be painful experiences at school, if we do our job at home... this should help to shape them into more beautiful people. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Phone Pictures

 Mia scores at a yard sale. 

 Sometimes we get to go with Nate to work. 

 Painting on cheap t shirts from Wal Mart.
I did a few more but they seem to have vanished along with the socks.
Time to do laundry. 

 Nate's Mom celebrates her birthday.

 Dirty, dusty, and tired. After a whole day at the ball tournaments. 

Is Sonya trying to talk Darren into the Blooming Onion?

 Following Uncle Tristan one day. Stuart was beside himself with joy. 

 Picking up stuff for Nate. Not my world. 

Sonya's Shower

We found out all kinds of stuff about Darren on this night.
His favorite song (Life is Beautiful by the Afters) and whether or not he sings in the shower.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stuart Goes to the Hop!

This boy is super sensitive and stubborn.
I'm hoping some of it is just the age.
I got him cleaned up one night this weekend and he went outside to his Dad who asked him, "Are you ready to go to the hop?" They came into the house talking about "the hop" and Nate played the song for him about going to the hop on YouTube. He was getting sucked in. Stuart was. So we are all in the van heading to a Mexican joint for supper which would be followed by the grocery store and Stuart was still under the impression that we are going to the hop. When I said we are going to a restaurant he wailed, "But I wanted to go to the hoooooooooooooop!!!"
Close my eyes and count to 3.
Yes, yes, Stuart, the restaurant is the hop! And then under my breath, "Well for tonight anyhow."

As we walked in he said, "Lots of people are here at the hop!"

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ellie Turns Six