Monday, May 2, 2016


 Mia had a lunch exchange at school. She was pretty much on her own here. Thankfully she came up with the dog crate idea and stuck with it. Kids love stuff like this but it can be a Mother's nightmare.

 Olive and Harley are best buds these days. 

 Stuart and his kindergarten workbooks. 
No comment. 


Did you know that Nate collects old bikes? It's becoming a problem. I told him that the neighbor man had bikes out for sale, he should take Ellie up and see if any fit her. She is ready for a bigger bike. He came back with 3 bikes... none of them quite what we were looking for. Cute though.  

I love to set him in the grass and watch him try to decide if he likes it or not. He heads straight for the nearest dirt pile. 

They always say when you build a shed that it won't be big enough. 

This morning I clicked on a link to an article called, 
sounds good right? I was expecting a life changing moment... First point...

1. Divide everything into three piles: things to keep, things to throw away and things to donate.
Then, pour gasoline over all three piles and light them on fire.

 everyone happy to be outside

Darren is our trucker brother in law. He just taught the kids about chicken lights. It's all I hear about now. 
our hearts have been very heavy this month with a good friend who has cancer
every song I hear I try to apply it to this
we pray and we cry

Monday, March 28, 2016

New Puppy and Easter

Meet Piper

 Easter Sunday. 
You know Sunday mornings are not my thing. My midwife used to get so amazed at my blood pressure journal, Sunday mornings were always the worst. This particular one we managed to have the children all showered the night before. The clothing and shoes were all accounted for. The diaper bag was packed. I was pretty stressed out because Nate and I were singing in a trio that we had not practiced with yet, so that had to happen before church. Nothing too crazy happened. The muddy dog did not even attack me when I tied her up. 

Monday morning, not so great. I had to take the children to school this morning. Somehow Olive fell off her chair and the back of her head landed in her cereal bowl which must have preceded her. Not all mornings are easy.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birthday Week

 Oh Hankster. 
Check out my grocery bag holder. I made it and then I pinned it on pinterest. 

Date night. 

 Mia turned eleven this week.
For a birthday gift we got her a piano book she wanted and also some prescription goggles for swimming. $30 on amazon. I have a hard time coming up with useful gifts, often feeling unsure. I was excited about the goggles though. I knew she would love them. 

I baked her cake the day before her birthday. I also made 2 pans of brownies, and a double batch of cupcakes. Things got a little hairy... I decided to try to bake the cakes without wax paper. This german cake is so light and fluffy and the wax paper makes weird edges on it, well... this happened. 

I was more careful about the next two layers and managed to get them out just fine. Meanwhile the icing was cooking on the stove and I was not stirring it constantly. Everytime I did get around to stirring it, there were more dark floaters in it from sticking tot he bottom. Two layer cake instead of three and to be honest the icing was better than usual, it had a brown butter/caramel flavor. It was thicker too. Can't promise that I won't scorch it on purpose next time. 

Did some mulching in March. 

Olive cut a chunk out of her hair and I screamed. 

Getting herself dressed. Going outside is a great motivator.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Days at Home

 I looked out the window and saw her majesty waiting for her dinner. Ran for the camera instead of dinner. 

This face made me run for the camera again. 

Yesterday we caught Henry standing up in his crib. He reminds me of Mia. She was taking steps before she was one.

In the bottom of my box of sweet potatoes I have all these little ones that are a pain to do anything with. Until sweet potato hash! What you are looking at there is white and purple sweet potatoes, shredded with skins on, fresh mushrooms, and onion sauteed in coconut oil. With two dippy eggs on top I call this lunch.

Promo at Sam's Club "order a free mini photo book" fun right. Ha ha, the book is so tiny! I stuck it in my diaper bag so I can show the pictures to my Grandparents next time we get in to visit them and I have not seen it since.

Some other things I'm loving:

Coconut oil in my coffee. 

1 pack Stevia
2-3tsp coconut oil
2 T half and half
blend it up, this makes it frothy and the oil vanishes.
I love the coconut flavor and this is getting pretty close to a latte.

Texture App

For 9.99 a month you can read all the magazines on your ipad/phone. I used the free trial and loved it. Not planning to sign up but I've got it in the back of my mind for the next time I'm tempted to pick up a magazine I could come home and for 9.99 that month I could read, all the magazines. 
Nice part about the free trial... it did not ask for a credit card so I didn't have to worry about it charging me at the end of two weeks. 

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