Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Lesson on Being Honest with your Doctor

It came on slowly, first it was a swollen gland in my neck and after a few days I thought I was fighting off a sore throat. When I woke up Thursday morning I knew. Strep. After a day of using the amoxicillin that I had and I was feeling worse, I went to the Doctor. He put me on Penicillin. Ok, I thought to my self this should work. He did give me the satisfaction of saying, "That looks really bad" when he looked at my throat. There was this one other thing he said though, that planted a seed of doubt in my mind, "Now sometimes normal meds don't work and we need to prescribe something stronger, so if you are not feeling better in a few days, give me a call." This is where I messed up. I should have said all the things. I should have voiced my concern that we were dealing with a nasty strain considering the fact that the amoxicillin did not help in the first 24 hrs. at all. I didn't tell him about the at home care I had given myself.  It's the worst, going to the doctor and they ask you a million questions and you really don't feel like talking.

Later that day, the children were home from school. I thought about having Mia pack me a bag in case I had to go to the hospital.

Friday afternoon after having been at the doctor just that morning, I panicked. They were closing at 4 and not opening again until Tuesday. So I called in just before closing and talked to a nurse. She had not seen the hurricane that was my throat. She was probably excited about the long weekend that was just about here.  She was excellent at talking me down off of the paranoia ledge that I had myself on. I explained to her that I had not told the doctor that I had been on amoxicillin before I came in that I should have told him that (might be why things went downhill) and I was concerned that the Penicillin was also not helping. I mean I had been on it for 4 hrs and wasn't sounding like a crazy person at all! "Oh my no,  you should not expect to feel better for 3-4 days" "You have to remember that when you came in this morning you did not have a fever" I argued that it was because I was on Tylenol and Advil and she countered, "Have you actually taken your temperature or do you just think that you have a fever?" I talked on top of her to say that yes I was using a thermometer. "And really, you should not be taking Tylenol and Advil if you don't need them" this is when I started crying. If you have had strep throat then you know.
She tried to be compassionate, "Oh honey, you really don't feel good do you?" I apologized for emotions and asked a few more questions, "What can I take to sleep at night? When can I call in for a new prescription"

As a family that night we watched Chariots of Fire. The story of Eric Liddell. Nate and I were both dozing off so badly that we quit half way through much to the displeasure of our children. I went to bed full of faith that the Penicillin was going to be working by morning just like that nurse on the phone had told me it would.

I got very little sleep. Should have sent Nate out for that Tylenol PM. Should have just taken the NyQuil in the cupboard, should have watched Chariots of Fire (that might have worked).

Saturday morning. No better. My throat was worse. My ear hurt. I did not take any pain killers because that nurse told me not to and I was quite certain I needed a second opinion and I thought I should have a fever when I walked in.

I called Lancaster General Health Urgent Care, they have one in Lebanon and I had heard good things.  I wrote down what I wanted to say and the nurse was so, so kind. She said, "If you have not seen any improvement in 48 hrs I think a second opinion would be a good idea." I got myself together and Nate took me in. This was at lunchtime. We were the only people there, on a Saturday. Very happy.

I had the same nurse that I had talked to on the phone. Excellent. I had a fever. Score.
The doctor came in wearing a mask.  I thought she was brilliant. Ear infection. Breathe deep, again, etc. Finally she looks into my throat for such a quick time and said, "H*** Cannoli! that is bad." I could have cried tears of joy right here. She got me out of there with a new prescription so quickly and so kindly. I could tell that I was getting better within 6 hours,  but the emotional damage had been done! lol.

Second half of Chariots of Fire? Still slept through it. I think it's a sleeper.

It looked like a 70 year old neither hipster nor Mennonite

While waiting for my prescription

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Family on the Farm
My Mother takes this low country boil thing pretty seriously. We don’t mind.
Nate has confessed that he has thought about these crab legs since this lovely evening.
I learned that you can put too much lemon curd in your birthday cake.

Lots of entertainment 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Spring 2019

These pictures are so old but here they are. 
This was the last day of last school year. 

This was a sampling of what my flowers looked like before I stopped caring for this season.

This might have been Mothers Day

Yes, Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I took my Mom to a sourdough baking class.  So much fun. By Rosanna Witmer.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day Trip to NYC

My Moms group did a bus trip to NYC fundraiser. Buy a seat on the bus, get dropped off in NYC and do what you want for the day. You know Nate and I love a day in the city so... it was an easy way to make a day out happen.

We visited Schoolhouse's storefront and overheard them recommend Bubby's as a great place for lunch. We were able to put our name in there using the Yelp ap I think.  58 parties ahead of us, 55 min wait. This gave us time to walk around Battery Park and the wait was worth it. 

Trump tower
Train to Tenement Museum
Uber to schoolhouse
Battery park
Brunch at Bubby’s in Tribecca
Walked highline
Flatiron building
Bubble tea
Train to Italian market
Pizza at Rubirosa
Fought through crowds at Times Square trying to meet our bus
More bubble tea

Nate wanted to see Trump tower. Being there jogged my memory, on one ladies trip to NYC with Nate's Aunt as tour guide we went there and wondered around inside. His Aunt being quite fascinated by it had a lot to say about Donald Trump.  Turns out now Mr. Trump is our president and she is not such a big fan. 

We didn't wait around here but the lines made me think we might have been missing out. 
Russ and Daughters

This was close to the Tenement Museum that we went to.

Schoolhouse Electric
my favorite

We got bubble tea twice

The Flatiron building

We managed to hit this pizza shop Rubirosa during the 1 hour that they serve only pizza. It was between lunch and dinner. Too bad we had our hearts set on the calamari.

walked the highline

It was a great day. I figured we'd be bored by 3PM but that was not the case. We had plenty of stuff on our list of things to see. 

And now, back in Myerstown
Mia says it's fine if we want to skip getting her license she can always drive a lawn mower.

Playing at the Lebanon Farmers Market

We promised them supper at the Foundry on the 3rd floor. 
They are moving to Lititz. The restaurant not the kids.

I found out the hard way that I do not like Black Strap Molassas in my shoe fly pie. I like to add it to cookies and pumpkin pancakes but using 1/2 black strap and 1/2 King Syrup was too strong in the pie.

New sewing hack for me. Glue buttons in place before sewing them on. 
(I had tried scotch tape which was hard to remove)

Easter Sunday

Cleona Park

While cleaning out the refrigerator my glass shelf blew to pieces. It took me an hour to clean it up. 

Later that day at the barber shop I stuck my hand in my pocket and found more glass. 

Henry got called in to work one day. 

Nate and I thoroughly enjoyed attending REACH this year. 

PF Cheng for lunch.