Friday, April 11, 2014

My Very Favorite Haiti Pictures

We took our youth group to Haiti. Funny how stressed out I was about this trip and the next thing I knew it's all over.

Our ride to the airport. We had to meet at 2:30 AM. We are very thankful for Clair who drove us to and from the airport.

 We loved our pilot. He let the guys look in the cock pit and then gave a shout out to the group from Myerstown Mennonite. Next thing we knew the stewardess was showing Steve and Kendra and Nate and I to first class.

 Haircut time

 Visiting a tin village.

 We were supposed to barter here. I hate bartering. Nate is even worse at it than I am.

 Behind the mission house. Santo, Haiti. I puttered around out here with my coffee. Feeling quite certain that it is time to move to the tropics again. 

 Kendra and I were on kitchen duty all week. We cooked and the youth did the dishes. No major disasters, thankfully.

 Stanley preached on Sunday. Wawa interpreted. It was fun to watch them work together on this. Once Stanley switched to preaching in Creol and Wawa translated into English.

 Touring Sunday afternoon.
Many thanks to the youth for being just great.

 Visiting the school Monday

 My fellow cook Kendra! Bless her heart. You know how it is to have two cooks in the kitchen right? And she put up with me.

 Anita serving in Haiti

 Milon and friend who did our Haitian cooking for us. Two wonderful meals. 

 Foot spa time. My feet needed this so bad. It was not a relaxing thing. I was jumping and gritting my teeth. You know it was similar to being at the dentist. Well, we girls should be all ready for feet washing on Sunday.

 Deb and Wawa our gracious hosts. We had such a great time getting to know them.

Kenton serving in Haiti

 Rachel also serving in Haiti

 Back to the U.S. and our first world problems. Lord help us keep it in perspective.

If you are not bored yet, you can see all of my pictures from this trip here at Lydia Jo Photography.