Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pennants and Engineer Prints

I've been crazy about the pennants on Three Potato Four.  Bought some felt and went for it.
It was weird how much joy this project brought me. Probably because I was not following any directions, just winging it. Maybe it was the freestyle foot on the sewing machine that I finally had a reason to use. 

Put a new Engineer print from Staples in this poster frame. $3.81

Finally filled this large frame I got at a thrift store. Fame with glass was $10. The print had to be the next size up at Staples so that cost $7.73. For some reason I could not commit to just one picture so I just did a quick grid of photos which was fun because I could use some poorer quality pictures like from my phone.

In case you are not familiar with Staples Engineer Prints:

Upload Photo on Staples Website:
Shop by Category/ Copy and Print/ Engineering prints/upload

Use a good quality black and white photo.

Pinterest. I love how this print looks. In case you have some tobacco lath lying around.

 One long drive this fall, we took our portable sound system along. I'm not sure the kids could hear in the back but it saved our sanity on the way home when the two youngest were bawling.

 We tried to get family pictures.

Nate's dad loading their wagon for a camping trip in the late early 90's?  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Olive Turns Two

 He does not take it easy on this tractor. 

Throwback to his birthday in 2013. The wagon was his gift that year. That was the last year I had pumpkins outdoors to be pretty. The following year Olive was destroying them and this year it's the dog. I didn't even try it.

 I sewed the boys some beanies. Inspiration from Young Buck Beanies. 

 At 4 1/2 months Hank pushed his first tooth through.

 I don't remember why but we had a campfire one night. It is hard for me to enjoy a campfire the way the children zoom around it and Mia fluffs her blanket up almost on top of it. I'd like to blow this picture up and hang it in Stuart's room.

 Henry dear, what has happened? So big so soon. 

I don't like to see summer go but there is something about fall. I told Nate the other day that I just wanted to create something and all I was creating was soup.

Nate blew up the yellow balloon. He is fearless. I should have had him blow them all up. Mia and I blew them up and pinned them up all while Olive was calling for us from her bedroom the morning of her birthday.  

 Well Olive, we made it to two! You were way too shy to blow out the candles and you would not go to Sunday School either. I thought you would. Maybe next time. You funny girl.