Friday, December 29, 2017

The Christmas Table

 Thanks to some help in the menu department we have now had ribs for 3 years running. No stopping now. Ribs, fries, coleslaw. So easy. 

Dinner with Nate's family. Very loud, very fun... good food for sure. 

 With my family. Mom had Ted whipping up some fruit drinks for us. Lots of fresh ginger and some apple cider vinegar,  I'm not sure what else was in there! Mom makes the best steak I've ever had. Time after time.

With the girls home from school (Stuart too) I'm thinking about home schooling. That is a joke, but I love having them here. They baked cookies one day while the toddlers were napping. Yesterday we canned carrots. Today we canned potatoes and another canner full of carrots. It's like freezer meals that are not in the freezer.

Puppies take up most of our time. What were we thinking? Two litters at once. The fun is just beginning. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater. And she didn't win! 

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