Tuesday, August 21, 2018

She Tips her Head Marveling

While I was driving yesterday (to the beach) I noticed that Olive was almost 5.  It's a favorite age of mine and she is slipping into it. Her head was tipped and she was thinking brilliant thoughts.

It dawned on me while the children were up here singing (church park night) that I have my own little children's choir that I have longed for. Wow, that took me long enough.

zucchini relish
when will my children learn to like stuff like this

The drive home from girls camp

It's been on my long list of things to do, to take Ellie out for lunch. The day of her birthday seemed like a good option. Nate was able to meet us and we picked Tosco thinking she would order pasta. She surprised us by ordering broccoli soup. We told her about the bread bowl and we also talked her into the shrimp so that we could have some. 

The year of ordering everyone's birthday cake is lovely. Ellie picked this wonderful fruit cake from the Country Fare. 

Soft blanket

Biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. Hank was struggling because he was expecting jelly on his biscuits when I dumped gravy over them. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I Like Your Chevy

Saturday night Nate and I headed out in his new ride, the 87 Suburban.  He likes it, a lot. Cruising through Lebanon someone yelled, "Nice ride" but we did know him, and someone gave us the thumbs up. Nate says the people are winning me over.

We went to the Foundry for supper and had our favorite waiter. Don't know his name but he and Nate share a kinship in the beard department. He whipped us up some fruit drinks with nectarine in them, they were very pretty and fun. We shared the burger that has PB&J on it and a Mexican shrimp something appetizer. So the service was great and we were finished up in no time but Nate was complaining that he wasn't ready to go home yet and I said, "We can't get dessert" because I had peach cobbler in the oven at home. During this conversation Nate was digging the fruit out of his glass and I had just picked up my fork to do the same when the fun waiter appeared. I probably jumped because he came from behind me and I set my fork back down and confessed that, "We are digging the fruit out" he misinterpreted this to mean that I was picking at the fruit from the jam from the burger and he was like, "Hey, no judgment... I can get you a privacy screen, etc. etc." and he was off again. He took my fork and now I was left do dig the fruit out of my cup using my straw. (can't waist a nectarine!) So when he dropped the bill off and disappeared in a flash there was a neat little container of the burger jam in a to go cup. I could not stop laughing. So that was fun of him. In case you are freaking out about jam on a burger let me explain that upon tasting it at home... on it's own... I could detect maybe steak sauce or Worcestershire and also bits of bacon.  Makes more sense right? Guess who made burgers for lunch on Monday. This girl.

Burger Jam

 I was picking my green beans in the garden one day when Nate appeared.  "I think I found the replacement for the station wagon" He looked a little bit ill about it. Love sick or maybe we were supposed to be looking for a school van sick. Not sure... anyhow... it worked for him to look at it the next day and we had kind of given up on it because it didn't seem like it had the back seat. Later that evening he tells me, it does have the back seat so it was back in the game. 

All the relics

Water in the basement. The children were a lot more excited about it than we were. 

We are in the thick of it with chorus.  Programs coming soon.

For some reason this was the funniest fortune cookie that I ever came across. Ellie was the winner.

A Thai restaurant in Ephrata cue angels singing

Grandpa showing them a video of rushing water at the cabin 

running errands turned into a jaunt down to Sonya's house

Face Painting Station at Shenandoah's Bible School

Mom did this one. My favorite.

Touring Kreider Farms

dog sitting

last week we were wishing we were in Grenada with Sheri to see the newest baby

What a doll

Too much shopping

Henry, I don't know if I have it in me to tell of his latest escapade. 
We love the kid but man... he is go go go. 

He went down the road towards the retirement village on his pedal tractor. Nate and the older children had gone that way on a bike ride... unbeknownst to me. Mia was at the neighbors with the golf cart so she was no help, also I did not have the golf cart. By the time I realized he was missing I calmly texted Nate because I assumed he had taken Henry with him. He replied no. Oh boy, then there was  mad dashing around. I ran to the neighbors and hopped on the golf cart and I left Olive there (she was screaming) at one point I heard someone saying, "Hello, hello" and I checked my phone only to realize I had called the dentist. So the receptionist had heard me yelling "Henry" how many times, I do not know. Poor thing, I hung up on her, it sounded like Tammy. I hope she slept ok that night. By the time I was on the street I could see him, he was the whole way down past both speed bumps. There were my older kids and one neighbor kid, all swarming around him on their bikes, mix in a few cars with very elderly drivers and Hank in the middle screaming for they were ruining his fun. And that was that. Nate and I had a mostly pleasant conversation on communication. I did notice that he was not able to remove the twinkle in his eye when he heard how far Henry had peddled his tractor. 

Drenched at the ballgame... all seven of us. Missing the vinyl seats in the wagon.

Drenched after a bath

 I followed her recipe originally and now I usually just wing it. 
Which is probably why it's so much fun.