Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life: A Bowl of Cherries

Things Stuart loves to do:
feed the cat, wash windows, play with water at the sink.

 Some Ellie art

Wings and games after church one night.

 A trip to the greenhouse. One of everything please. (I have no idea what I'm doing at a greenhouse)
The garage becomes the potting shed. Quaint in theory.

 Every time I change the photo in a picture frame, I wonder... do other people keep a collection of photos behind the one that is displayed? Once framed, my pictures live there for life.

After hearing that the lawnmower is leaving out puffs of smoke my Dad asked Nate, "So, were you a born loser before you married into my family?" I have been laughing about that all week. (is it only Tuesday?)
If there is an egg shell in the dish my Dad will find it. If not he, I. Tris, Ted... what's your born loser status?

(this photo comes to mind) Ted making a smoothie.

 Girls all ready to walk out the door for their school program.

Stuart too, ready to go hours before we actually went.

Monday, April 21, 2014


 We are dangerous at estate sales. Perfect spring day, a free Saturday, and some Ebersole chairs that I wanted.
 I think the girls and I need to spend some time together in their room.



 Coffee with the Sister in Laws! So fun.

 Mr. Houer stops by.

 Nate's aunt and uncle. Adorable! I love old pictures.

 Somehow I only have 4 cloth pins this spring.

 I struggled with recovering this piano bench yesterday.
Nate came home with a stapler and phillip headed screws and a screw gun. So....
that was nice.

Sunday morning we had a sunrise service

 Breakfast and Sunday school.

Days Like These

 Baby dear

Nate stops at a shop on his way home from work and picks up these beauties. Nicest avocado. We love them sliced with Jerk Seasoning.

 A family get together. Nate's aunts.
Like I told Nate's cousins, after living away from home for a few years we became big time suckers for family get-togethers. We love them.

Uncle Nelson chats with his Mother.
Stuart had just got run over by the glider swing which made all the ladies scream. Scaring Grandma. Nelson was the one who noticed.

 Still feeling so happy to be home from Haiti and with my dear Olive again.

 Gorgeous evening.

 We had another ladies cooking show at church last week. Good times just being together. 

 Took the youth on a day trip to Allegany Boys Camp
We cut fire wood, cleared brush, stained siding, planted bamboo, and got a tour of the facility. 
Great day. Now if some of these youth would end up serving at a camp like this we would all be so proud!

 This is where Brian and Angela live at the moment and Angela kept popping the window open to talk to us while we stained the side of her house. Pretty much never a dull moment. 
When we finished she served us the most perfect iced tea I've ever had and left us hang out around her kitchen table. Bless her heart, I know it's not easy having people invade your space all the time, she was so gracious.