Monday, April 21, 2014


 We are dangerous at estate sales. Perfect spring day, a free Saturday, and some Ebersole chairs that I wanted.
 I think the girls and I need to spend some time together in their room.



 Coffee with the Sister in Laws! So fun.

 Mr. Houer stops by.

 Nate's aunt and uncle. Adorable! I love old pictures.

 Somehow I only have 4 cloth pins this spring.

 I struggled with recovering this piano bench yesterday.
Nate came home with a stapler and phillip headed screws and a screw gun. So....
that was nice.

Sunday morning we had a sunrise service

 Breakfast and Sunday school.


  1. What a sweet family! Blessings,

  2. Your family is beautiful! I love the way you put colors and patterns together in such HAPPY combinations. Any tips for me? I used to be more brave, but I also ended up with some garish looking things so now I play it safe.

    1. My tips are amazing. We wear what we have. Really, I was not even trying to make it look good together so that is why it looks brave I guess. Ha ha. Seriously though when I hear people say things like, "should some of the people that are wearing pink be over here on this side" you know trying to even all the outifts out, my thoughts are: do not over think it. Let happen what happens. You of course will win some and lose some this way but hey it is more relaxing.

  3. I like your relaxed philosophy. :) I think that part of the reasons your combinations work is because you know your style. I think I'm finding mine now, but I think for a long time I was bouncing around between sooo many styles. Like in a house I liked coffee shop deep, moody colors, fresh pastels, and rich bold colors. (thankfully I didn't mix them.) The same was true in clothing, and they didn't mesh easily. I just love the colors and patterns you choose and I guess if you have a good selection of those then you could mix and match easily. Now, I'm curious if your style feels defined to you or not. :)

    1. Oh man, so funny... glad you did not mix all those styles. Does my style feel defined to me? Um... I know what I like, does that count? I might not have words to describe it though. There is a lot of "making it work" going on... using what I have to make it work you know. Improvise. I've made mistakes along the way, like the big white puffy sofa in the living room. It is so comfy but I hate the style. It was used and really a good deal for the quality but I feel a little stuck with it now. If I'm sitting on it I don't have to look at it.