Thursday, October 26, 2017

Chorus Tour

Here is the bunch that we took on tour with us. Tour sure is a growing experience. By the time we got back Sunday night and gave a local program we had 4 more people join us and Nate said their eyes were big a few times. "Keep up!" Looking back, Rhoda and I should have switched places.  I sure do love these people. They have been so great. Fabulous. 

We have been spoiled with our bus driver. 

We were running a tad late to meet the bus on the day that we left but I made Nate turn around for this game. He was all, "When are we going to play it?" oh, just every day. I'm so glad that they did play it or I would have felt a lot worse about being 10 min late. 

 The Billy Graham Library - more like a museum. I know for myself, the title "library" kind of threw me. 

I was quickly sewing a shirt before we left and the band at the bottom was just not going well. The second time it got perfect only I put the tie on in the back.... so annoyed. 3rd time was the charm.

 So happy to stay with Josh and Kim. This was a highlight. 

An old little church that a new congregation just started to meet in. Fun! They served us kettle corn afterwards. The perfect blend of sweet and salty I heard the girls exclaiming and I had to agree.  

Some of the girls had a giglefest here during the program. Someone almost fell off the risers which caused someone to laugh/gasp/but mostly snort. I am so thankful that I wasn't singing this particular time. I have a track record with laughing fits myself... 

We stayed in a little cabin with 6 girls the last night. It was so cute. I did pity Nate a little bit but he was raised in a house of girls so the Lord had prepared him for this. 

 Some of the girls stayed with Aunt Martha's Bible Story's son and family and 28lb cat!

Some of you will recognize the famous Davy Showalter. He had a friend who smoked us some pork sandwiches. Top notch. 

Handed to Nate after the program Sunday night.