Monday, July 28, 2014

DSLR Video & Editing

Do you watch The Grid by Scott Kelby? I do not always watch it but this morning I saw on his blog that it was supposed to be the best one ever (he always says that). I've got to admit though, it was was worth my time.
Here is the link to the latest Grid. 

Reasons to watch:
1. Get a scolding for not using your DSLR camera's video option. Mmmhmmm. Needed that.
2. Learn how to use Photoshop CS6 or newer? to edit video. This is what made my day. Scott was just so right talking about photographers who have learned Photoshop and Lightroom and not wanting to invest time into some crazy video software. True of myself at least.

Start watching at 20 minutes or skip ahead to 49 minutes to get the 5 minute tutorial on video editing with the software that you are familiar with.

I may have spent some time goofing around with this earlier today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peanut Butter Smore Cookies

Start by cutting marshmallows in half with a scissors set them gooey side up on a plate. 
Unwrap and break apart chocolate.
So you whip up some peanut butter cookies and scoop them onto cookies sheets.  
Set your timer for a minute or two less than the recipe calls for. Bake.
Pull one sheet of cookies out when the timer goes and top each cookie with half of a marshmallow. Put the tray back in the oven for another minute or two until lightly browned on the top. Get them out and top with chocolate. 
They need to cool. I often stick the tray in the fridge after a few minutes to get the chocolate good and hard again. 
They are kind of amazing.


Mia woke me up around midnight last week Wednesday.  She was complaining of a stomach ache. Moaning and holding her right side. So if you are like me the first thing you think is appendicitis. I had to do a quick search on Google to see if your appendix is indeed on your right side. It is. 
It was hard to sleep that night as Mia continued to moan in intervals. During this time in which I could not sleep I was busy consulting with Google again. Seemed like pain in that area could also come from gall stones or constipation. 
When she started running a fever the next morning we headed to the doctor.
The nurse was very kind and did not make Mia get on the scale. I asked Mia how much she wight and she thought  maybe 68lbs. Later she had to get on the scale and sure enough, 68lbs exactly.

 At the Doctor
The Doctor said it could be appendicitis and sent us to the ER. Oh man.
All Mia could think about was the cabin and if she could go. We were supposed to be leaving the next morning. 

 They were ready for us at the ER. I was thankful.

 Nurse Beverly our ER Nurse. When asking Mia about her level of pain she used a chart with smiley faces that had numbers and went from happy to unhappy. Mia picked a 5 or something and Beverly said, "Ok, so it's not like you want to shoot yourself'. There was another nurse and an a trainee there as well. With big eyes they glanced at me during some awkward silence. Beverly put Mia's IV line in and totally burst Mia's bubble. You see, up until this point she was pretty happily distracted with that TV remote. She flipped the channel 3 times and found Pioneer Woman on food network.  Then the doctor came in to see her and she didn't want to turn off the TV, so he turned it off and when he asked her if her tummy is hurting her she said no. Proud moment for myself.

Ultrasound showed nothing.
Cat Scan. Before the surgeon told me the results I heard Nurse Beverly letting the operating room know that we are going to surgery. Mia whispers to me, "Don't you need your appendix?"
Upon being wheeled out for surgery, Nurse Beverly yells to us, "Well, no more swimming for you this summer." 

 Waiting for Cat scan.

 Nate was working near by and showed up in time to see her off to surgery. I was glad as they really went from that Cat Scan to surgery very quickly.

Wheeled off for surgery

Of course the anesthesiologist had to know exactly what was the last stuff she ate or drank. Mia is slowly reporting to them, "Hot chocolate, ...............cappuccino, ....................and some prune juice" 
So the whole team looks at me with eyebrows raised and I said, "I'm sorry, I thought she might be constipated!" Everyone was so kind. 

 She was pretty sad to wake up and find out that she is so sore. After commenting on that she got bossy with us and said, "I am hungry and thirsty!"

 Nate spent the night with her. I had to go home and pack Ellie and Stuart up for the cabin. 
Nate sleeps like a log, it is so hard to wake him up. I told Mia to use her call button if she can't wake her Dad up. Nate said he woke up the one time and she was yelling at him. Other than that moment she whispered the whole time she was in.
Nate said she ordered breakfast but then when it showed up all she wanted was toast. Too bad she didn't order toast.

This is how I found Mia the next morning.
 The nurses showered her with fun things. Gifts that church groups give to them to hand out. So sweet.
Still very happy with her TV time. I might have a chef on my hands the way she loved Food Network. There was plenty of Sesame Street going on as well. How smart to have the speaker right on the remote. She could turn it way down and put the speaker by her ear, quite for us.
When I helped her order lunch I told her that she has to eat what she orders, she can't ask for toast when it comes. So she ordered chicken broth, Italian Ice, and toast. 

 Still in a lot of pain. 

Irish Wolfhound making rounds.

I feel for families who are in for longer periods of time or for anything serious or sad.  Nate and I switched off but we were still so ready to get out of there. 

 Heading home 24 hours after surgery.
 I take one picture and then she smiles so I take another one. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Out and about. Nate and I.

An early supper at the Tomato Pie Cafe. I love this place. Locals, do your husbands eat here? His options on the menu were kind of limited. Number one, he hates tomatoes. Ha ha. I had a Turkey and Pesto Panini: mesquite turkey, pesto, tomato & muenster cheese on multi-grain sunflower bread. Nate had an Adult Grilled Cheese and a Blueberry Italian Soda.
I took my camera bag but not my camera. What!? I missed it but I hate to drag it along if it's a date. Don't want to be cheatin' on him. 


I might have begged for this. I love Les Mis.

 Central Market for breakfast.

Fudge for Lizzy. Her favorite food is Fudge. Funny and scary.

Day two was pretty much do what Nate is into, I mean, he had just sat through 3 hours of a musical. He loves the orchestra and the singing, even so, it was a tad long. That and it was so hot inside the Fulton for a Martin like himself. Someone in the audience actually fainted and they called the ambulance so... he felt justified. He got a haircut, we went to a deli where they put french fries right on the sandwich. Yay. I had a gyro. Nate's sandwich was roast beef, coleslaw, and french fries. Last but not least we hit up a hardware store on the way home. Fun times.

I seriously had a blast in the barber shop. We were there forever; we had all day. Nice to get a break from touching up the trim he gives himself. 

I asked to see a play and he turned it into a mini vacation. Happy me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Girl with a Can on Her Hand

 Olive had a little mishap last week. I was so stressed out about it that I put her to bed dressed like this.

 We are stocked up on band aids at the moment. Nate went to buy some, I went the next day. Determined to find the very stickiest of band aids. And still, she chewed them off.

 Chances are, you will never have an infant with a bandaged finger. I hope you don't. 
A sibling gave her something sharp to play with. We are thankful it was not worse. No stitches. She insisted on sticking the bandaged finger in her mouth. This had me looking around for a way to protect it better. Aha! I have a box of  toilet paper rolls that I was saving for crafts. So I taped one to her wrist with medical tape. Next problem, she only sucks her left thumb.

 She tried out her right thumb a few times. No go.

Before going away one night I had Mia find some stickers for her "can" as we came to call it.

 Such a trooper. She was really quite pleasant about the whole thing. Not sure if she will find her thumb again or not.
The bandage is off now, it is healing nicely... we pray for protection and safety. It's a scary world out there.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

By the Corn Crib Gazebo

 Packed to go camping on the 4th. Nate took sofa cushions along. 

 Ryan slept on a cushy air mattress in the corn crib. Surrounded by tiki torches? It was very King Julian.

 Camping in your friends back yard is the way to go! 

 Back home again, Olive is pounding some teething cookies. 

 Blindfolded food tasting guessing game.

Some of them might have cried over a pizza flavored combo. Well two of them spit them out and one cried. 
Library summer reading program activities. The bookkeeping work that this program is taking is wearing me out.