Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Out and about. Nate and I.

An early supper at the Tomato Pie Cafe. I love this place. Locals, do your husbands eat here? His options on the menu were kind of limited. Number one, he hates tomatoes. Ha ha. I had a Turkey and Pesto Panini: mesquite turkey, pesto, tomato & muenster cheese on multi-grain sunflower bread. Nate had an Adult Grilled Cheese and a Blueberry Italian Soda.
I took my camera bag but not my camera. What!? I missed it but I hate to drag it along if it's a date. Don't want to be cheatin' on him. 


I might have begged for this. I love Les Mis.

 Central Market for breakfast.

Fudge for Lizzy. Her favorite food is Fudge. Funny and scary.

Day two was pretty much do what Nate is into, I mean, he had just sat through 3 hours of a musical. He loves the orchestra and the singing, even so, it was a tad long. That and it was so hot inside the Fulton for a Martin like himself. Someone in the audience actually fainted and they called the ambulance so... he felt justified. He got a haircut, we went to a deli where they put french fries right on the sandwich. Yay. I had a gyro. Nate's sandwich was roast beef, coleslaw, and french fries. Last but not least we hit up a hardware store on the way home. Fun times.

I seriously had a blast in the barber shop. We were there forever; we had all day. Nice to get a break from touching up the trim he gives himself. 

I asked to see a play and he turned it into a mini vacation. Happy me.

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  1. I am so glad you could do that! -Dorcas