Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Stuart whooping up on us in Settlers

Olive has worn this dress 4 years now

My brother Tristan 1987ish and Hankster 2018

We had turkey twice. Nate's family and then my family. 
This year I am mostly thankful that Henry did not drown when he walked across the thin ice last January and Dad did not get injured when he fell out of his tree stand. 

salad dressing                                                  gravy

Stuart had a birthday the day after Thanksgiving. 
He wanted spaghetti. Never mind they eat this at least once a month.

If you let them pick out their own gift, you don't have to wrap it.

My cousin Laura raises the cutest puppies. Rowan Doodles. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Around Here & Olive's Birthday

Last week Mia asked me what color my hair was when I was little. "The same as it is now" I replied. I was met with peels of nervous laughter. "Grey?" Mia asked. Nate thought she was treading on thin ice. lol.
She also asked me if I was colorblind like Grandpa. This was actually much more offensive to me. Ellie had a dress that I call olive green and they all think it's brown. 

New goal: learn how to make a decent dinner roll

still not happy with my apple pie though

I ordered Olive's cake from Cake and Cup in Lititz. It was even more delicious than it was cute.

They fight over these roller skates all the time. They are slowly starting to play together nicely some of the time but they still fight most of the time.

She had so many pre made plans for her birthday. She knew what she wanted for supper. Sometimes I ask them but she was ordering me about. Personal size pizzas that you make yourself and little cans of soda. 

Nate said we had to clean this flower bed out to get the gas line in and everyday after that it rained.
So the morning that the boring people showed up I got out the shovel and raced them. They started out at the road and they were getting closer and closer. Gah. 

on Monday at the grocery store Olive saw the strawberries and said, "Mom, we could make strawberry jam! have you ever heard of that?" to which I replied that I had heard of strawberry jam. The lady beside us was chuckling. 

By the time we got to this point I had to wonder if it was really necessary to clean out that flower bed. I was pretty desperate to not have those little stones everywhere.