Saturday, June 23, 2018

How I Feel About June

 The whole mulching every other year makes the on year seem like a lot of work. Also thanks to a lot of rain and otherwise busy Saturdays it seemed like it took forever to get things done.

Henry loves Monster Trucks 
He turned 3

 Happy 3rd birthday! 

My little mulch movers 

Nothing says it's going to be a great year of chorus like a double rainbow. 

Picking strawberries with jackets on.

Wow, people were not ok with how I mowed the lawn. I mean, some cheered... they must have creative minds like I do. Go forth and create I say! I am happy to report to the more conventional people that all traces of this mowing job have grown out and been removed.

If you want some of the most expensive ice cream treats in PA head to the Jigger shop.
Nate stopped in at work one day, he was working near by. I could hardly have it. I beg for a date here every year and it never happens.  I think we had not been here since Mia was born. The last time we were there was with Jeremy and Carolyn and Jeremy ordered a peach melba that he hated. 
So the other week we happened to be out without our children (wedding rehearsal) and drove right past. If it would not have been for the sticky bun Sunday that Nate got on that day at work I'm not sure if he would have stopped but.... he had fond memories... we had a date at the Jigger shop. Impromptu and all. Our final conclusion was that they should really use Lapp Valley's ice cream to get it just right.

Fiddle Competition

It is somewhat painful to spend a Saturday at a fiddle competition when there is work to be done at home but I do think it's good to have them perform. Just like a piano recital is good for them. I didn't think they should be nervous. They get a practice round and the whole thing seems very informal but they assured me that they were very nervous. Ellie said her fingers were just slipping all around on her strings.

 I made a guest room the other weekend and now I'm thinking about shoving the bed to the side and setting up an art studio. A girl can dream.

Nate's Dad had surgery on his leg and this is the hardware they took out! 
They had to straighten the top part of his leg so that they can do a knee replacement. Surgery went very well. He is doing great.

Summer grilling

Summer working 

 We went to Knoebles with Nate's family. Super fun time for the cousins. Two years ago when we went we bought the wrist bands we quickly realized that it cost us quite a bit more to do that. So this time we bravely bought the tickets. 

Actually I ran to Weis ahead of time to get vouchers $16 for a $20 book of tickets. 
So for our family of 7 we had 5 20 dollar books (for 80 dollars) and later had to buy one more $20 book (for $18) I think. And we were done and had only spent $98 instead of $289.

We pushed the double stroller and had the back seat full of food and water. I think I rode 4 rides and didn't have to feel one bit bad about not getting my moneys worth out of it. So it's an affordable way to do an amusement park. Very family friendly. 

It was on Tristan's birthday