Wednesday, February 1, 2017


San Francisco Post

Driving the West Coast

We are not like  amazing travelers. Oh my word no, I am just laughing at myself that I'm even going to post these things.

I tried to pack light and left Nate talk me out of taking my camera battery charger. I have 2 batteries and they do last really long. Um.... this was not good. We totally had to buy another charger which was not a big deal but could have been so avoided.

Very comfortable. I'm sure I took more pictures because I was wearing my camera at all times. It was a pain if I wanted to take my jacket off. It won't fall off your shoulder. 

I was desperate to not carry my camera bag around with me. Nate get's tired of hauling it for me, my back can't handle it for days on end. It is just kind of clumsy. They all are. I was really close to buying a backpack version but went a different route. I got a harness type of thing for the camera so that I could just wear it all the time. and I had Nate carry a regular backpack that we had.  I had all that I would normally carry in my purse, the extra lens, a battery for the cell phones, etc. He still got tired of the small backpack but that was ok I could easily carry it. I might spring for a nice one sometime.

I mentioned the Yelp app. I had never used it much before. The reviews are very helpful. Unless it's black bean noodles we are talking about.


Capital One Venture Card for air miles
We were able to use our points to pay for the plane tickets, the car rentals, and the hotels. Along with city transit and some other small things, as long as we initially paid for it with the city venture card. We still spent money on food and recreational stuff but it was so helpful. This card does have a yearly fee so you have to decide if that is worth it to you. We also used these points to pay for our Airbnb last year when we did a family vacation.

The map on our iphones worked great with the walk or transit option.

We also used Uber onetime. I wish I would have known that your first ride is free. Make sure you apply that coupon code before you call for your first Uber.