Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jenna and Josh

Friday, February 8, 2013

Painters Day Out

 My Mom's an artist you know. Those of us who worked for her, painting for the slate business... we call ourselves "The Painters". Really snazzy. So yesterday a small portion of "the painters" got together for a full day of painting our own stuff. Oil paints are so messy. Oh man, when toddlers get into oil paints it is just a nightmare. It stains clothing and, it is just really bad. You kind of block it from your memory. So, no children, just adults and paint yesterday. Therapeutic.
A few weeks ago the painters were out for lunch, that is when we planned our painting day. Almost immediate were the groans, "What am I going to paint?" For me it can be a painful process... deciding what to paint, then there is the actual painting part.... I get nervous... like I feel shaky before I begin. Take a few deep breaths  and then dive in. And it was hard! You have to decide when the painting is done. The critics might disagree with you. Then when you hang the painting on your wall, it's like your heart is on your sleeve. It's hard to take criticism when you as the artist actually get the final say. What I am trying to say is that for me it feels very personal.

Angie is working on a... coffee something painting.    

 My best friend the artist. I try to not be jealous. The talent level here is ridiculous. Her work takes my breath away. 

 Mom was doing an indigo bunting. 

 Heather painted some ABC paintings. 

So we all had a good day. We laughed. We watched you tube clips about art. 
Soup and salad for lunch. Bread, brownies. Lots of coffee. 

 Mia was at the eye doctor the other night. She needs new lenses like more than once a year.
 My Mom did this display in her living room. Very cute. She painted on canvas that you can stick on your wall.  Then she cut it out. Fun.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Birthday Man.

His Mom made lunch for us on his birthday. It was Sunday. How nice of her. We were so beat from skating and skiing so... this topped whatever I might have fed him at home. Well we did have cake.
Our winter Bible School was taught by a Beachy man who talked a lot about finances and chocolate cake with caramel icing. So when I asked Nate what kind of cake he preferred for this momentous occasion he said, "Chocolate cake with caramel icing" I asked him if he was serious? and he said, "No". And that was that, I had to guess what kind he wanted. It was a funny joke on his part.

It's so great to be married to a guy who is so well liked. I mean, I could be under some sort of illusion here but it seems to me that his friends just adore him. And I like that. Because I also adore him.

Fresh air! It felt so good to skate. The wind had died down and we had friends over. 

It is hard to keep children in skates!

Spending my day with these two. Stuart was actually screaming here saying, "Take it off!" It was like he knew that this will be so embarrassing when he is 13.Carla, these are the very sunglasses you sent Ellie for her birthday 1 1/2 years ago. Amazing that they are still in one piece. They suit her so well.

We had a family wedding to take pictures at the other weekend. It was fun to be seated with these two at the reception. 

 Cousin Kim, Grandma Minnie, and Step Grandpa Micheal. 

 The table got a tad messy. We had a fire. Oh man... my heart was pounding. Napkins really take off you know!

The Celebration of a Graduating Theodore

 Breakfast at Ida Mae's.

 The cute table and chair set competing for attention with that chandelier.

We would not want to forget how inspiring the address was.