Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011


If Stuart refused butter bread with jelly, does this mean that he is not hungry?
To let me know that he refused it, he threw the bite size pieces on the floor.  one by one, well actually I did not see and it might have been one big sweeping motion.
So irritating.
If I had soup would he eat that?
Are his teeth bothering him?
If Mia would have left the last banana for him instead of peeling it for the fun of it this morning.  Would he eat that?
You just don't know.
Talk to me! Tell me what your deepest feelings are!
Nope.  I get nothing.  Just tears, foot stomping, and babbles.

Friday, January 14, 2011

You've Heard It All Before

I smiled while listening to Elizabeth and Stuart giggling together.  Never thought to check on them.  Just happened to wash Ellie's hands and they were so sticky, so slimy, so covered in glue stick.  I knew I should have thrown that glue stick away.  Then I went after Stuart's face.  We were preparing for an afternoon trip to Salvation Army, which meant I had to get out of my sweatpants and Stuart too... he had to get out of his even grungier than my sweatpants.  So he had been previously stripped down to his undies(pamper do not freak, he is not potty trained at 14 mo) and was to my despair. Covered in glue stick.  I supposed I could have left it on as it only got messier as I tried to clean him up.  All the while reflecting on those sweet giggles that came from the kitchen earlier. The tricky part was, where else might Ellie have gone with that glue stick? Asking her caused her to panic and point at the trash can that now held the remainder of the glue stick.  She basically hyperventilates when there is fear of punishment. So we didn't get very far in that department.
Today is Friday and yesterday Ellie was at the dentist for her very first cleaning.  She's 3 and she has 3 cavities.  She did well for the counting of the teeth and the hygienist patiently explained every instrument and made it all sound so fun. But Ellie wasn't talking, she was given about 5 options for toothpaste flavors and I had to pick. Just as that toothbrush was about to enter her mouth she would not open it.  She just smiled really big and cheesy, lips very tight.  Dimples just as deep as could be.  It is so funny to me now.  At the time I was a little desperate.  I held her hand and she managed to open up and lets hope she does ok for her next visit.  It was way way better than Mia's tragic first visit to this dentist.  She screamed so loud that I was quite embarrassed to leave. Got quite the sympathetic looks on the way out. 
Back to today we did well at Salvation Army I looked through the isle of tshirts for Nate.  He needs some new work stuff and I snickered at more than one, wishing I'd have the guts to buy them for him.  Would he wear a Steelers t shirt if it was the last one in his drawer and no one would see him that day?  Would he? I did not want to risk it. There were others that were funny but you would have had to been there. You know. 
I sewed a pair of jeans into a skirt for Mia when I got home and it felt so good to be making something.  January might feel bleak in its middle of Winter way, but the winter projects are many!
Confession: I'm using tide to do my laundry today.  I have this thing where I can't use the same shampoo and conditioner on my hair for very long.  Like after one bottle is gone I definitely need a new brand.  Same way with hairspray.  Same way with home made laundry soap.  I"m sure I will use it again, but for now.  The laundry was noticeably cleaner/whiter with a bought soap. My dear friend Kathy had a good idea, I think it was Kathy, to wash the colored stuff with home made soap, as the tide, etc. seemed to be harsh with the colors.  Sometimes I can't believe I've been married as long as I have for all the learning I still need to do when it comes to the house wifery thing.