Monday, January 17, 2011


If Stuart refused butter bread with jelly, does this mean that he is not hungry?
To let me know that he refused it, he threw the bite size pieces on the floor.  one by one, well actually I did not see and it might have been one big sweeping motion.
So irritating.
If I had soup would he eat that?
Are his teeth bothering him?
If Mia would have left the last banana for him instead of peeling it for the fun of it this morning.  Would he eat that?
You just don't know.
Talk to me! Tell me what your deepest feelings are!
Nope.  I get nothing.  Just tears, foot stomping, and babbles.

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  1. Tell me about it! Toby cried almost all morning yesterday and I still have no idea why! I think maybe he feels a little feverish! He also has this weird rash allover the it from something i ate? or the laundry soap i used when we were at the Ronald Mcdonald house? or is he just feeling extra needy cuz his big brother is getting all the attention?? Tina