Monday, September 18, 2017

August! Come Back

I can hardly stand it that we are half way through September.

He plays so hard. He's pretty tough, I guess he has to be.

 Marshmallow problems

I love that he loves this bike. I bought it on one of my many trips to and from the clinic when I was pregnant with him and needing to have non stress tests done. 

 Ellie was walking across a newly fallen log at the cabin. She fell off of it and landed just so. When Nate got there she looked very pale and said, "I think I broke my arm" She did. In 3 places actually.  

So we got Ellie's cast on Monday morning and took her to camp that afternoon. 

 Mrs. Hauer's funeral. Nate was pallbearer.

While they were away, I found out how much work my girls do.

 The long day of softball tournaments

Probably the first summer that this yard was green in August. So much rain.

Ellie got a beta fish for her birthday 

 Escape on Queen. I need another birthday. It felt safe to drag Nate to an escape room on my birthday. We were not very long into it when I was pretty sure he was loving it but man, we just didn't really agree on things. I would love to say that I was often the one with the right idea but I'd hate to  hurt his feelings. We were not able to finish in an hour but they left us finish which was so nice. 

 Nate won tickets to a Reading Phillies game.

 5th Grade, 7th, and 2nd

Back to school!

 Eclipse Day

 All day chorus practice. New Creation Chorus
We just started giving programs and I'm feeling kind of proud of them all...
it's fun to meet their parents at the programs

First program

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