Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hope for Everyone

my favorite song this season

Mrs Grossman's Sticker book. 

Ellie playing Hark How the Bells

Mia and her friend Terena worked very hard at a Christmas Duet

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Stuart whooping up on us in Settlers

Olive has worn this dress 4 years now

My brother Tristan 1987ish and Hankster 2018

We had turkey twice. Nate's family and then my family. 
This year I am mostly thankful that Henry did not drown when he walked across the thin ice last January and Dad did not get injured when he fell out of his tree stand. 

salad dressing                                                  gravy

Stuart had a birthday the day after Thanksgiving. 
He wanted spaghetti. Never mind they eat this at least once a month.

If you let them pick out their own gift, you don't have to wrap it.

My cousin Laura raises the cutest puppies. Rowan Doodles.