Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Skating

What a weekend. When I picked Mia up at school on Friday we had still not checked the ice on the pond. It was snowing. Mia told me that "everyone" from school was going skating that very night. I explained to her that the snow might ruin the ice. I should have not told her about that possibility. She pestered me for the next few hours until Nate got home. Then she unleashed her ice control questions on him.
So it was no surprise that Nate was out on the ice right after breakfast Saturday morning. We scraped the snow off all morning long. My Mom came over to help. She loves to skate as much as Mia does. 

Nate does not love it as much as the rest of us, but you could not tell. 

Some skated around in boots and pajamas. 

The cat also found his way down. He's so lonely right now. The other cat went missing. I just hope it is not birthing kittens some where.  I'd rather have it be missing for real. I'm a one cat kind of person. 

So that afternoon we went skiing with our youth group. 
Then Sunday night we went ice skating again. 
There was pain when I got up this morning!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sit Still!

Stuart, he can be so mean. So fun. So naughty. All he has to say when we are driving along is, "Mom, I see a digger" and my heart swells. Just cause he's a boy and he likes boy things I guess.

The stories this girl would like to tell you. She recently was heard saying that her family does not collect things (I am always throwing there junk away) but SHE does. She collects money. She is going to buy a car when she gets older.

Mia has passed me up with her piano skills. It makes me so happy. I sat down beside her the other night and showed her how I add chords to jazz up songs. Then I admitted to Nate that she totally caught up to my skill level in like 3 months time. Nate laughed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Familes 2012

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bless the Lord Oh My Soul

Sometimes I just feel too lazy to lace on my running shoes. I know that if I try to run with my other shoes I will regret it later. I'm getting old.
If I don't get my sleep I wake up with puffy eyes in the morning. I need magic eye cream for this. Is there a product for this? There has to be. Stuart has been waking up in the middle of the night. Not a big deal but I do not always fall back to sleep. Then there was the taffy pull with the youth group, it got late and when they left the floor had to be mopped up. It was the stickiest floor I have ever seen.  I would do it again though. We have a super youth group and I don't mind staying up late, it's the next morning that is the problem.
Nate broke our coffee pot. You know, the glass part that the coffee goes into. It was sad because he was trying so hard to be Mr. nice guy. Elizabeth had asked for a drink at bedtime and in a high and squeaky voice she asked him to put the water in her beautiful sparkly shiny cup. He found something in the cupboard that looked sparkly and it slipped out of his hands and onto the coffee pot. Smash.
I know my sentences are short and it's because I am too lazy to work on proper sentence structure to make them long. I'm sorry if this is annoying. I had not even thought of it before this week, but I read of someone who could not bear to read a certain book because of the short sentences in it. Ah!
Last night Nate came waltzing into the house and announced, "It smells like pretzels in here" It really did smell like them because I was making them for supper. One pan of soft pretzels and one ham and cheese Stromboli where I used pretzel dough for the boli part. The fun part was when he confessed to me later that he had almost stopped somewhere on his way home for a pretzel because he was so hungry for one. Random.

Making taffy. The first three batches did not work out. The last one did. Whew.

 Oh! Meet my new niece Monique Irene. 

How I want to squeeze the little Sophia on this shot. 

Displaying art in my hallway. I've had this screen door for about 10 years and finally found something to do with it. Nate was in the midst of throwing it out last Summer when I rescued it. But I knew I had to use it or toss it. 

We took the family to the PA Farm Show last week. Elizabeth was so freaked out by the steep steps in the arena. Stuart was thrilled by the skid loader turfing around below us. We had a good time.

Song of the week: 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
(When I was telling Nate about my theme song he thought I meant, "Hark Ten Thousand Harps and Voices" Nope, not this week)

Mia has been up to some new things. Nate found one of our old alarm clocks and asked Mia if she wanted it in her room. So now I smile when I hear her ghastly alarm take off ringing each morning. She is all into waking up to that thing and in such a few short years she's going to hate it! Next up she is way into her free calendar from the grocery store. She has all sorts of dates marked for this and that. I asked her this morning whether or not she knew she was going away overnight soon and she replied that she has it marked on her calendar. 
So naturally Elizabeth wanted a calendar of her own. I immediatly picture their entire room plastered with calendars. Along with the  mail today, came a desk calendar from our insurance people. I knew what it was without opening it and passed it right off to dear Ellie who was over the moon with joy. She was following Stuart around showing him the calendar and saying, "Stuart, you should tell Mom that you want a calendar for Christmas" Too funny!