Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sit Still!

Stuart, he can be so mean. So fun. So naughty. All he has to say when we are driving along is, "Mom, I see a digger" and my heart swells. Just cause he's a boy and he likes boy things I guess.

The stories this girl would like to tell you. She recently was heard saying that her family does not collect things (I am always throwing there junk away) but SHE does. She collects money. She is going to buy a car when she gets older.

Mia has passed me up with her piano skills. It makes me so happy. I sat down beside her the other night and showed her how I add chords to jazz up songs. Then I admitted to Nate that she totally caught up to my skill level in like 3 months time. Nate laughed.

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