Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Skating

What a weekend. When I picked Mia up at school on Friday we had still not checked the ice on the pond. It was snowing. Mia told me that "everyone" from school was going skating that very night. I explained to her that the snow might ruin the ice. I should have not told her about that possibility. She pestered me for the next few hours until Nate got home. Then she unleashed her ice control questions on him.
So it was no surprise that Nate was out on the ice right after breakfast Saturday morning. We scraped the snow off all morning long. My Mom came over to help. She loves to skate as much as Mia does. 

Nate does not love it as much as the rest of us, but you could not tell. 

Some skated around in boots and pajamas. 

The cat also found his way down. He's so lonely right now. The other cat went missing. I just hope it is not birthing kittens some where.  I'd rather have it be missing for real. I'm a one cat kind of person. 

So that afternoon we went skiing with our youth group. 
Then Sunday night we went ice skating again. 
There was pain when I got up this morning!


  1. Mia's excited, glowing face is beautiful. I love that picture of all the children. I wish you were coming over for the evening and we could take a walk in the snow <3 Carla

  2. fun pics...
    i am a none cat kind of person myself. :)
    our girls dream of skating too... poor kids.

  3. It's been years since I went ice skating. I think there would be pain for me too!! :P Maybe someday....
    Glad Mia got her wish! :)

  4. What fun! Kit's been getting lots of skating in too. I still love it too! ;)~Cheryl

  5. We HAD to go skating too. Just like Mia, Caleb, said EVERYONE at school was going. Makes me feel old :) Seems like not long ago I was pleading with my parents to take me.