Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WalMart Tire and Lube

Today I thought I would be nice and get the van serviced while I shopped at Wal Mart.  So I pulled up beside the sign that said, "Wait here for attendant" and I waited. Not quite sure which side of the cones to be parked at.  I waited pretty long.  Finally a pudgy man about my age with crooked teeth and an air about him came out and asked if he could help. I told him I'd like the oil changed and he began with "You can start by pulling up over here" he said, "You're in the way over there". So I pull over where he tells me too and he's like, "You can get out of the van"  while rolling his eyes.  So I put the window up and start to hop out of the van and he says all smart Alick-y, "You didn't need to put the window up" So I put the window back down and he says, "You could have left it up"  So I turn off the van and again before I can get out he stops me with his annoying, "You didn't have to turn the vehicle off"  rolling his eyes.  Oh my word! What is wrong with this guy.  So I went to turn it back on and he's like, "If the keys are in it just let if off"  It took me more than one round of shopping to get over this. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've Got A Problem

Call it anxiety, stress, too much on my plate maybe?  But I'm freezing up.  Just sitting here freaking out.  Doing nothing.  Like I'm just waiting a few more hours so that I can run around like my head is cut off and get tons done in a hurry.  Did I just hear someone say "Procrastinator" Yes I did, it was that voice in my head. I am one.  I'm being one.  Someone tell me to move.

Monday, July 5, 2010

And This Is How It Went

Tonight I met my friend Yvonne at Mac's to let the kids play at the playground thing.  We realized how crazy we were when we pulled in and remembered that it was not an indoor play area.  It's been very warm here today.  So we ate supper inside and this is how it went for me. I ordered the girls chicken nuggets and for myself what I thought was an apple walnut ceaser salad.  Turns out I could not understand that sign for anything.  They plopped the apple/yogurt/walnut stuff on my tray and I looked at it and back at the sign and was really just very confused.  I asked, "Is this the apple walnut salad? because it says snack on it"  oh dear.  Then my credit card would not swipe.  We just started using a different card and neither Nate's nor mine swipes consistently.  Very disturbing... must call them.  I asked her if she could punch the numbers in and she got all helpless so I said, "I will just pay cash"  and I did.  And she is still talking to the person behind her about punching the numbers in and we had to cancel the transaction that never took place and really it was just a confusing time.  Not to mention all the kids jumping around in the booth just behind me.  So... she counts out my change.  Food comes, get the children started on those nuggets and I hopped up to actually order myself a salad.  This time I ordered the southwest ranch salad!  No, no... that would be two different salads there. This is when I realized she never game me my $10 change.  Only the 90 cents.  No!  You don't know how I hate these things.  I was so tempted to ignore it.  Yvonne would not let me however.  So we finish up... I check again to make sure I did not stick that ten some strange place in my purse.  Nope.  Up to the counter I go.  Anyhow... they were really nice and I walked away with my ten.  Feeling like I don't get out much.The children played pretty nice and I only had to crawl up the slide to rescue Elizabeth once!

The Small Things That Happen

So thankful to have these living room walls painted.  Torture!  Had some very bitter moments in here. If you do decide to wallpaper a room.  I beg you to take the time to properly do whatever it is you are supposed to do before hand.
 I can not tell you how much I love this paint.  It is Matte which is close to flat and quite washable.  I had a hard time washing the drips off of my hands.  Good sign.
color is a Benjamin Moore color... harbor fog.  I had them cut it by 25%

Camped out here one night.  Fun family time.

So many unfinished projects.  Furniture to paint.  Those yard sale chairs in the back?  They just might be my first attempt at reupholstering.  I hope I can do them justice.

Had this awkward space in the kitchen where the Rummikub table was.  Chalkboard now waiting for inspiring quote or verse. Something like, "This too shall pass"  Seriously I am getting weary of this project.

Mr. and Mrs. Hower checking out the geese.
The other week when we found a snapping turtle in the window well Nate flipped out and said, "Where does she get all of these animals?" referring to my Grandma I suppose. I foresee myself buying him a live trap for his next birthday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Day of July