Monday, July 5, 2010

The Small Things That Happen

So thankful to have these living room walls painted.  Torture!  Had some very bitter moments in here. If you do decide to wallpaper a room.  I beg you to take the time to properly do whatever it is you are supposed to do before hand.
 I can not tell you how much I love this paint.  It is Matte which is close to flat and quite washable.  I had a hard time washing the drips off of my hands.  Good sign.
color is a Benjamin Moore color... harbor fog.  I had them cut it by 25%

Camped out here one night.  Fun family time.

So many unfinished projects.  Furniture to paint.  Those yard sale chairs in the back?  They just might be my first attempt at reupholstering.  I hope I can do them justice.

Had this awkward space in the kitchen where the Rummikub table was.  Chalkboard now waiting for inspiring quote or verse. Something like, "This too shall pass"  Seriously I am getting weary of this project.

Mr. and Mrs. Hower checking out the geese.
The other week when we found a snapping turtle in the window well Nate flipped out and said, "Where does she get all of these animals?" referring to my Grandma I suppose. I foresee myself buying him a live trap for his next birthday.


  1. those are the neatest chairs ever. And that chalkboard ....delicious. How about Psalm 127:1 for the verse.(=
    This too shall pass. yes it will.(=

  2. wow, those chairs are Fabulous! I cannot wait to see what you do with them. And I think reupholstering them won't be too hard, they have nice basic lines. You prly already know about Tonic Living fabric, but if you don't, check them out sometime. Fun stuff.

  3. i loved seeing all your projects! i would love to see the blue room all finished... love the color. :)

  4. I'm loving the chalkboard. Pretty, Pretty frame!

  5. @Thelma... Thank you for that link. i had loved it before but lost it and was trying so hard to remember where i came upon it in the first place. must have been you. so thanks.

  6. i love that you called it the rummikub table....that is exactly what it was. This too shall pass! I keep telling myself that too, and God keeps teaching me patience and showing me who I really am....not always pretty. I am reminded of the kids song "He's still working on me." True of me and my house.

  7. i was very curious as to what is going to happen to that huge canvas? if that is what it is? diane

  8. @diane (now over here) Large canvas was a Summer Bible school prop. Life size pic of Goliath. My Mom has "big" plans for it, we're going to print some large photo for it to put in the basement at their cabin. I fear it could look very 60's muralish but possibly if we stay away from an orange sunset, or a blue waterfall, it could be neat!

  9. do turn the canvas around....I wanna see! -C.