Monday, July 24, 2017

Camping and Ted's Birthday

 When you wish your children would sleep in.

 Locust Lake State Park showing off a bit.

We went camping and even though I forgot some important things like deodorant, coffee mugs, and a blanket we would still call it a success. 
I wonder how many times I packed up to go away this summer? My neighbors could probably tell you. Ha. 

 Mom threw a 30th birthday party for each of us kids and now she is finished.
Ted has joined the 30's club. Like it or not.

 Nate's favorite homemade frisbee game.  Sticks and Cups or something. 

 My Mom throws a good party.

Last Monday I dropped the girls off at violin lessons and told them that when I get back we will be cleaning green beans and a whole list of other chores. They wrinkled their noses but they sure were happy when I was not able to pick up those green beans after all. I was not happy for my failed trip to the green bean farm. The next day we picked green beans at my Mom's neighbor lady and I got just as many as I had ordered and they were nicer and of course free. 

 My Mom was practicing her face painting.
 Olive is finally brave enough to ride bike. Wait until we take the training wheels off honey! 

And today I get to go clean school. "Not yet" I say! 

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  1. Oooh! Camping looks like fun (and work but who's counting... :) )!