Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sketchy Pants

Happy Birthday Nate. He got socks and a big stack of combs. He hates when there are no combs in the bathroom. 

Instagram Photographer from Grenada that I follow.

My friend Becky has skills. So in love with this sketchy watercolor she did. 
Check out her Etsy Shop.

 Sheri sent this to Nate on his birthday. Said she has always looked up to him. 

My Mom's group had a play date at a gymnastics gym.  Super fun. An hour was kind of short. 

Have I mentioned before the time that we lived in Grenada and I sent Nate to the store to get a "green vegetable" for supper. I was cooking for the staff that night. He brought back some icy, frozen brussels sprouts. His Mother made them, fresh ones I believe, at holidays and she still does. I seriously think of this every time though. That horror of a bag of frozen sprouts. I bought these myself.  Fresh ones from Aldi. Roasted in the oven.

I went with some of these during the big game and Nate looked at me suspiciously a few times. When I said, "Unbelievable" Nate thought I was quoting his Dad. When I said, "You only had one job" Nate wasn't sure what I was quoting.... so I wasn't exactly pulling it off... but I had missed the memo on the bottom where it mentions walking away.  That would have helped. I was pretty nervous to use "They have to establish their running game" as I was pretty sure they had... I was on a roll though and it was the last one I had to use... so when the got the ball again in the 4th quarter I said it and Nate said, "they do have a running game" to which I replied, yeah, I thought so. 

There was a day last week when Nate took the van to Schafferstown to use their new car wash. He was going to put gas in it as well. I got a call at 4PM just shortly after he had left. He was acting very strange and I was immediately concerned for his health because he was not able to articulate his thoughts in full sentences. (he felt really bad)  It turned out he was all the way in the next town and out of gas and also had forgotten his wallet. He had Mia with him. We were to meet his family for supper at 5.  Because he had Mia with him, I could not leave the kids home alone. So after putting shoes on the kids and myself, rounding up my wallet and his, strapping them into the station wagon... I backed around and realized the wagon was below E. No, no no.  Strapped kids in the pick up truck. This is no small feat. The front seats are a bear and do not flip down and It's very hard to reach into the back.  Actually, I usually have Mia do this for me. The truck had less than a quarter tank but we did make it. So while this was all very frustrating it worked and we made it and maybe we have too many vehicles. It was a shame he had not taken Ellie with him, as just before Nate called me she had  found a $20 bill in her boot that she was wearing. 

The girls played at a school function the other night. Nate and I were not there to see how this went for them, but I had them play for us Sunday morning before church...