Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phone Dump

Mia holding the newest cousin. Boaz.

We had a lovely ladies retreat at church. This white swan was my ride. I was glad I had one. 
I only wish I would have walked in with my hood up on my jacket and a tool bag on my shoulder. I didn't know someone was nervously peering out the window. You know I did try to call Nate on the way there as I thought it might fall apart on me as I was driving it. Turns out that when there is no ladder on the racks and you are going about 50 mph... there is a frightening sound coming from all around. 

Traveling with a vintage bag almost made up for it. 
That and the fact that I had a bed to myself. 
Sleeping arrangements was the scariest part of the whole deal. 

Newlyweds no more!

My Camera and I

Taking pictures for people.

 Rhonda- Nate's cousin and a half. High School Senior
She loves trains! Ok, not that I know of, one just happened to go past. 

 Friends of Friends. Beautiful family.

Austin - Senior

 Danika. Lovely.

 Emily who has the best sense of humor.