Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Summer Road Trip

After shooting Emily's wedding, and then after our Sunday School picnic, we showered the kids and put them in their P.J.'s. Drove 2 1/2 hrs and stopped at our lovely Springfield Inn around midnight. Then next morning when we could not find Mia's glasses, we were banking on the hope that she never put them on before we left home.
 It's been a while since we had the kids with us at a motel. Thank you priceline. 
I worry that we are turning into motel snobs. We often end up staying at an awesome place for $62.50. And then when there are waffles included in the continental breakfast. We grin and we shake our heads and say things like, "they so did not make any money on us." I realize that sounds like we eat a lot of waffles. One of these times we'll get left in a hole in the wall. (Naming your own price with price line means you don't pick the motel, they do)

 Purpose of trip: Lisa Danielle.  Nate's sister had a baby and we had to go see her. A girl! after two boys.

 Ok so after we spent a few hours with the new baby, it was time to give them some peace. So on our way we went.  Half way home there is a really not nice Arby's but it has this great playground.

 There's no way this stuff is legal. But the kids loved it. And we smiled because it is the kind of playground we remember from our childhood.

Emily Gets Married

Nate's cousin Emily got married to Elijah. A drummer.  Emily's family does Irish music and dance, thus the theme of this wedding. The Celtic Martins.

 After a torrential downpour the night before, their wedding day was lovely... even a tad cool for June.
 Emily giving me some sleeve action.

 These guys were so much fun, I guess you have to be a pretty cool guy to be willing to wear a skirt to a social event for your buddy.

 Emily with her sisters
 The bridal party was escorted in by a piper band, band of pipers?  am I saying this right Uncle Nelson?

 Square dancing. Emily picked something called, "Out behind the barn"

Beautiful music all day long. 
This prelude is by a group called "Seasons"