Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emily Gets Married

Nate's cousin Emily got married to Elijah. A drummer.  Emily's family does Irish music and dance, thus the theme of this wedding. The Celtic Martins.

 After a torrential downpour the night before, their wedding day was lovely... even a tad cool for June.
 Emily giving me some sleeve action.

 These guys were so much fun, I guess you have to be a pretty cool guy to be willing to wear a skirt to a social event for your buddy.

 Emily with her sisters
 The bridal party was escorted in by a piper band, band of pipers?  am I saying this right Uncle Nelson?

 Square dancing. Emily picked something called, "Out behind the barn"

Beautiful music all day long. 
This prelude is by a group called "Seasons"

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  1. Beautiful picture of the dancing bride and groom! What an amazing wedding! - Carla