Friday, March 10, 2017

Hey March

This is what we did in February

Nate and I had LASIK done. On his birthday. I had the procedure done before he did so I had the pleasure of waiting 20 minutes in the waiting room and by the time he made it out my eyes were burning and watering and you have to wear these crazy goggles, so they were steaming up. We get in the van with our driver and Nate was super chatty. Bless his heart and I was in the back just wishing I was at home. Maybe 10-15 min went by and he was suddenly quiet too. Numbing drops wore off. 
After the surgery you are supposed to keep your eyes closed for like 3 hours, perfect because all you want to do is sleep. I'm glad we did this on his birthday and not mine. Ha. Seriously not bad though.
Our personalities became so obvious to me as we recovered. He made it sound like his vision was amazing and I thought surly mine was worse. Ever the optimist.  

 Nate's Dad turned 60

The dreaded children's table. How long will Mia willingly sit here.  

 Snow day

Flowers I picked up at Trader Joes 

 Most winters I wonder why it is that we live in PA? This winter I have been perfectly content. There have been plenty of warm, springlike days mixed in. It is snowing presently but yesterday was 55 degrees! 

 I ordered the whole original? set of Nancy Drew books for my girls so I see this all the time. 

 Like I told my puppy customers this week, there is nothing quite like springtime with a dog. 
They have been sharing photos of their 6 month puppies on the facebook page. We feel a little like proud grandparents every time we see a new one.

 Celebrating Sheri's 30th birthday.

Good times and good food. 

I took the wagon kind of far the other weekend and the day before, Nate was taking it golfing. I told him that I was praying that if anything was going to go wrong with it that it would happen on his golf trip. It had a dead battery.  

 Henry has a vocabulary if you can understand it. 


Olive was not aware of this, but she went and won a family contest by requesting tomatoes in her sub last week. I had recently said to my children, "I wonder which one of you will be the first to learn to like tomatoes." (they will right? some of them?) I said that there will be a prize, what would it be, ah, a trip to the Tomato Pie Cafe. So Mia is doing her best to learn to like them and I'm thinking maybe I should take them out more. I really figured this would be like when they were sixteen, eighteen. Not sure when I learned to like them. 

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