Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time


 Hartshorn Cookies round two.

 Ted's morning smile.

 Mom making us an "Elton Breakfast"

Tristan dreaming about his garden next year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Phone Photos

Love me some biscotti

Hartshorn cookies.
My Grandma Ada Barbara's Hartshorn Cookies.  Made with baking amonia. Trying to work up the nerve to bake the rest of them.  Terrible smell while baking. But the next morning, when you've had time to forget about what happened to your nose the day before... So light and the biscotti has to move aside! Cookie and coffee.
Smokey night. Oil finish boy.

Blurry yes, but photos with Mom on are few and far between.

Went to D.C. for our tenth anniversary.  Good memories. We had always wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum.  So, not very romantic there but... it was moving just the same.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Years of a Good Thing

Engagement photo. I did like that dress, it had a red border at the bottom.  But I am so ashamed of the way it is looking on this picture.  Cape not laying nice at all. "Put your arm down Jo!" I tell myself. (this is not a picture we sent out)

My cousin Ryan ushering in my good friend Christine.  
Back there behind them is Uncle Dan and Aunt Joyce. 

Nate's Sisters

Ted you stick out the most on this photo.  So little.
 Aunt Ruth  and Grandma.  Our wedding was pretty soon after Grandpa Reuben passing away.  That makes this photo a little bit sad.  Although that is Grandpa's car we drove around in. 

 Bridal party, we were so cold. Or they were.  I don't think the bride and groom were. 
Mike and Becky Fox, Us, Carolyn and Jeremy Weaver, Nate's sister Carla, and my brother Tristan

Our very first argument was over cutting the cake.  Nate insisted that we cut it from the top.  

 Jeffrey eying up the punch.
 We laughed the whole time we cut the cake.  
We had rehearsed how to hold our hands on the knife.
The cake cutting pictures always make me happy.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Week Last Week

Mom's faithful customer that brings her a hot cup of coffee with homemade German cookies.
The cookies did need coffee.

 Kumm Esse Diner
Their sign says "Try our strawberry pie" 
but I'm going with that chocolate cake in the middle of the picture. It did not disappoint.

 Some of the "painters"

 Christmas Show Harrisburg