Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day Trip to NYC

My Moms group did a bus trip to NYC fundraiser. Buy a seat on the bus, get dropped off in NYC and do what you want for the day. You know Nate and I love a day in the city so... it was an easy way to make a day out happen.

We visited Schoolhouse's storefront and overheard them recommend Bubby's as a great place for lunch. We were able to put our name in there using the Yelp ap I think.  58 parties ahead of us, 55 min wait. This gave us time to walk around Battery Park and the wait was worth it. 

Trump tower
Train to Tenement Museum
Uber to schoolhouse
Battery park
Brunch at Bubby’s in Tribecca
Walked highline
Flatiron building
Bubble tea
Train to Italian market
Pizza at Rubirosa
Fought through crowds at Times Square trying to meet our bus
More bubble tea

Nate wanted to see Trump tower. Being there jogged my memory, on one ladies trip to NYC with Nate's Aunt as tour guide we went there and wondered around inside. His Aunt being quite fascinated by it had a lot to say about Donald Trump.  Turns out now Mr. Trump is our president and she is not such a big fan. 

We didn't wait around here but the lines made me think we might have been missing out. 
Russ and Daughters

This was close to the Tenement Museum that we went to.

Schoolhouse Electric
my favorite

We got bubble tea twice

The Flatiron building

We managed to hit this pizza shop Rubirosa during the 1 hour that they serve only pizza. It was between lunch and dinner. Too bad we had our hearts set on the calamari.

walked the highline

It was a great day. I figured we'd be bored by 3PM but that was not the case. We had plenty of stuff on our list of things to see. 

And now, back in Myerstown
Mia says it's fine if we want to skip getting her license she can always drive a lawn mower.

Playing at the Lebanon Farmers Market

We promised them supper at the Foundry on the 3rd floor. 
They are moving to Lititz. The restaurant not the kids.

I found out the hard way that I do not like Black Strap Molassas in my shoe fly pie. I like to add it to cookies and pumpkin pancakes but using 1/2 black strap and 1/2 King Syrup was too strong in the pie.

New sewing hack for me. Glue buttons in place before sewing them on. 
(I had tried scotch tape which was hard to remove)

Easter Sunday

Cleona Park

While cleaning out the refrigerator my glass shelf blew to pieces. It took me an hour to clean it up. 

Later that day at the barber shop I stuck my hand in my pocket and found more glass. 

Henry got called in to work one day. 

Nate and I thoroughly enjoyed attending REACH this year. 

PF Cheng for lunch.