Monday, September 10, 2012

To Dine Al fresco in the Woods with Girls

At our youth girls ladies retreat we had an al fresco brunch. We were at my parents cabin for the weekend and my Mother thought we should eat in this bed of ferns in the middle of the forest. Apparently she thought of it every time she passed this way. The trail just below these ferns is very steep.

Eva Jane, who planned all the food for the weekend, praising the Lord for holding off the rain. Or maybe this was when she told us how excited she got about our speaker agreeing to come. Not sure which.  She was pretty excited all weekend. Eva has the gift of serving and serve she did.

Here they come. The girls didn't really know what was going on. They still looked a little sleepy from the late night before.
Bacon egg cups by Eva and the cooks.

Wishing for coffee?

Virginia Beachy. We were so blessed to have fun cooks along who not only worked to feed us but also were an asset to our time together.

 Kendra Musser. Head Youth Group Adviser!!

 Becky Peters. Talked to us about finding our identity in Christ. Thank you for blessing us Becky!

 Peach Sangria by Eva. Mmmm....

 Best fruit parfait ever. Secret ingredient: add cool whip to the yogurt. 

 My Mom strung the lace and bunting for us the night before. She made a special trip just to do that. Thank you Mom.  Wish you could have been here.

 Chair from the cabin. I want it in my house!
 Eva found these old school chairs for free along the road. She thought of me. I said Yes! when I saw them.

 Zinnias from my garden.
 cupcake liners made so pretty by Eva.

For one second the light twinkled through the trees.