Wednesday, January 9, 2019


It had been too long. Taking Philadelphia streets at a slow easy pace.
Breakfast at Green Eggs. Window shopping while we waited to get in. 

Malvern Buttery

Nate bragged about his cheap parking. $7 to park overnight. Amazing, we discussed as we traveled towards home. Afternoon stop at Malvern Buttery so that Nate could take a nap and I could have a chocolate croissant. Back on turnpike, heading to Lancaster for Dinner.... Nate realized that he had never gotten a ticket to get on the turnpike and suddenly our parking and tolls took a $38 hit. 

We had dinner at Callaloo in Lancaster. Trinidadian. Oh la la. I am dreaming of it still.

 The other night I teasingly told Nate, "You used to say that I was your best friend" (I had been digging through old cards and journals looking for a photo) he replied, "Was that before I had an iphone?"
He still makes me laugh.