Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Weekend

Coming off of a week of Bible school we planned a day trip to the beach.  Because I am sometimes too careful to not drum up the anticipation too much... we didn't tell the girls what we were planning.  Besides you never know about the weather.  But they did know that we were going somewhere.  We were on the road early Saturday morning with our lunch packed.  Had a great time along with some frustrations.  Like the lady beside us who woke Stuart up just as I was getting him to sleep.  Oh well... we had a great time with her because she was from Grenada. What are the chances? That's the thing.  Not chance.  Sort of like the time we ate at Tony Lukes before the ballgame and the couple beside us at the restaurant also sat beside us at the stadium.  Right beside us.  45,000 people. Back to the beach, Nate would take Mia out beyond the waves that were breaking and Ellie would sit on the shore crying and saying, "Dad come back" this was very pitiful.  Mia is just crazy about water and swimming. 
Tonight we went biking at the Reading Bike Trail with Nate's parents.  Had a picnic for supper.    While biking along Mia was peddling faster than anyone else on her little bike and said, "My legs are tired" to which Elizabeth replied, "Mine are not tired!" from her seat in the bike cart.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ivy Jane's 1st Birthday Party and Other Summer Fun


Ellie is in her glory again.  3 kittens.  The blonde one, we don't know where this one comes from, but she loves it. I was begging Nate not to name it because I really don't want 3 cats, I don't like cats! Monday morning Nate called to ask if I had seen this particular kitten.  Nope.  Well, he wasn't at work long until it came walking by him.  Rode along to E-town. His heart is too kind and he brought it along home with him. 

 Ivy and Grandpa Elmer

 Elizabeth and Elizabeth.

Grandma Maggie.

last day of school

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning Feel So Good

While hanging up wash this morning I stepped on a dead baby bird.  Barefooted. I screamed and hyperventilated and all of that.  Then I hoped that my neighbors would not come running.  Because I hadn't combed my hair yet. And this reminded me of another time.  Again, I was working at my laundry and out came a tarantula. Alive. This time I screamed even louder than I did today.  And my neighbors were out (Grenada) so I sheepishly glanced their way and said, "It was just a spider" never mentioning what kind, or how big.   They must think I'm a pansy.
In other great news, Nate said he wants to start a blog about his Friday night ball games.  He likes to talk smack I guess.
After a week of strep throat I'm feeling awesome.  I get it once or twice a year and I've never had it take so long for the antibiotic to kick in.  Days.  Days of what felt like swallowing glass. But like I was saying, feeling so good now and it gives you such a great outlook on life.  As long as you don't look at all the work that piled up while you were out of commission that is.
One more thing, there are green caterpillars on my dill plant. And after dealing with the dead baby bird. I'm just not sure I'm up to caterpillars yet. Where is Ellie when I need her.